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Cry Baby Bridge Mississippi


Though a number of southern states are home to a prolific number of Cry Baby Bridges, Mississippi, in contrast, has only one. In Dennis, a small unincorporated community in the northeastern part of the state, lies the one and only famed Cry Baby Bridge in Dennis. Though there may be others, people don’t have much to say about them. On the other hand, the bridge in Dennis is well-known among locals.

Stories about cry baby bridges vary throughout the United States. Sometimes a woman becomes pregnant out of wedlock and rids herself of shame by throwing the helpless infant over the side of the bridge. Sometimes a wagon accident or a car accident kill mother and child somewhere on or near the bridge. Sometimes serial killers are blamed for the horrific disembodied cries that people have inexplicably experienced at these bridges. Pinning down the real cry baby bridge is difficult because there are so many of them with so many different stories attached to them.

Ohio is one state that is home to a large number of cry baby bridges. Some of these bridges have interesting historical details to back up the stories about paranormal activity. For example, the Everett Covered Bridge in Everett Historic District is where a young couple on a sleigh ride slipped off into flowing water in the middle of winter. This true and tragic story may have inspired some of the other tales told throughout the United States about wagon accidents that result in the death of mother and child. Other cry baby bridges have more humble histories like the Doylestown, Ohio Rogue’s Hollow Cry Baby Bridge where a woman tosses her baby over the bridge to rid herself of shame. Perhaps there are grisly stories that have simply been shrouded over time at some of the cry baby bridges. Not every state has a cry baby bridge to speak of; most of these haunted bridges are located in the eastern part of the United States.

If you’re looking for cry baby bridges in Mississippi, there just aren’t many. But don’t despair. You can always visit Alabama or Louisiana to get your cry baby bridge fix. Louisiana’s haunted bridges like Mary Jane’s Bridge in Broussard/New Iberia and  Ghost Bridge in Kilbourne, Lousiana are interesting choices. The story behind Mary Jane’s Bridge is tenuously related to an axe murderer while the stories about Ghost Bridge have to do with a car accident. Both are worth checking out if you’re interested in haunted bridges. Alabama has some fascinating cry baby options as well. The Cry Baby Bridge in Saraland, Alabama is perhaps the most famous probably because it is situated on Kali Oka Road along with a variety of other cool haunts like the Kali Oka Plantation and Mauvilla Cemetery.

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