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Cry Baby Bridge, Georgia


There are only four Cry Baby Bridges in Georgia that are famous enough to have made online forums and web sites about ghosts. Savannah is certainly the most haunted place in Georgia with plenty of different sites that are stricken with regular paranormal activity. Cry Baby Bridges in this state don’t get a lot of attention up against the competition in Savannah. But that doesn’t mean that these locations aren’t worth checking out if you’re in the vicinity.

So you’re looking for Cry Baby Bridges? Georgia has a few that are worth looking at more closely. In Columbus, Georgia and Mabelton, Georgia, there are Cry Baby Bridges that have the same story pasted to them. Folks debate about which one is the real Cry Baby Bridge. In reality, there are so many Cry Baby Bridges throughout the United States, it’s impossible to know which one was the original. It’s unlikely that Mabelton or Columbus is home to the first Cry Baby Bridge, but it’s interesting to note that these two locations are home to twin tales that explain paranormal phenomena said to occur at both places. The Mabelton, Georgia Cry Baby Bridge is also the location of Witch’s Grave, which is supposedly nearby. In contrast, the Columbus, Georgia Cry Baby Bridge is a major teen hang-out where underage drinkers go to get away from the local cops.

If you want to hit several haunted places in Georgia all at once, you might consider visiting the Franklin County, Georgia Cry Baby Bridge. This haunted bridge is along a road that comes complete with a Dead Man’s Curve, and a haunted church. Who could resist a package deal like that?

The fourth haunted bridge of the cry baby variety is in Gainesville. The Cry Baby Mill Bridge is one location where ghost hunters and paranormal investigators can go without getting in trouble with the law. The owners of the property where the Cry Baby Mill Bridge sits give informal daytime tours complete with history about the location, which is tantalizing. Cry Baby Bridge, Columbus, Georgia isn’t a great place to investigate on Friday and Saturday evenings due to the presence of partying teens. Photographic anomalies taken at the haunted bridge are interesting and definitely worth perusing, but don't expect to get your own unless you visit on a weeknight. Cry Baby Bridge, Franklin County, Georgia is heavily patrolled by police. Get permission before you visit the Cry Baby Bridges in Georgia.



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