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Alabama Cry Baby Bridges


There are Cry Baby Bridges everywhere, but Alabama Cry Baby Bridges don’t disappoint. Whereas some Cry Baby Bridges fail to have historical underpinnings of any interest, in Alabama, train accidents, serial killings, Prisoner of War Camps, and lynchings in the communities near the bridges are tenuously related to folklore surrounding these locations.

In Greenville and Hartselle, Alabama, heinous crimes committed by serial killers seem to have at least spurred some of the tales surrounding Cry Baby Creek and Cry Baby Holler. Travis Dayton and Franklin Hammond both murdered children in an unconventional manner, leaving behind them mysteries related to various locations in and around Hartselle and Greenville, Alabama.

Saraland, Alabama is home to Kali Oka Road where several haunted locations have become famous. Oak Grove Plantation, Mauvilla Cemetery, Dead Man’s Curve, and the Cry Baby Bridge of Saraland are all included in this roster of haunted places. Several different tales are told for each of these locations to explain the paranormal activity at each. A major train accident in 1993 at a bridge near Saraland is never mentioned online, though 42 people died at Bayou Canot Bridge. Is it possible that paranormal activity (and local lore) at Cry Baby Bridge on Kali Oka Road has been spurred somewhat by the tragic death of 42 people at a nearby bridge in the community?  

The Cry Baby Bridge of Irondale, Alabama is the closest Cry Baby location near Birmingham, though evidence of a dark history has yet to be uncovered for this area. The story of the Irondale haunting is perhaps the most unique among Alabama Cry Baby Creeks, Hollows, and Bridges, citing the untimely death of a young child at the mercy of a pack of wild dogs. A Cry Baby Bridge in Clanton, Alabama fails to offer the same graphic historical underpinnings of Greenville and Hartselle, but perhaps the community is just trying to cover up the fact that it was once home to a Prisoner of War Camp in World War II or the fact that lynchings were common in the area. Telling stories about haunted bridges may keep impressionable minds from asking too many questions. Still, the story of Clanton’s Cry Baby Bridge seems to allude to the city’s dark history: a young black woman hides her infant under the bridge to try to get away from Civil War soldier trying to kill her and her child.

Cry Baby Bridges in Alabama are interesting. Perhaps more interesting than Cry Baby Bridges in other states because they offer surprisingly sinister historical tidbits to inspire locals with new questions. Get permission before you visit Alabama haunted bridges on private property. People get shot trespassing on private property in this part of the world.

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