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Haunted Bridges in Indiana


Haunted bridges and haunted cemeteries in Indiana are among the most interesting sites where amateur ghost hunters congregate in the hopes of seeing a glimpse of life after death. The reason why is because these places tend to be rather accessible in the dark of night. Haunted bridges are typically on public property which means that wanna-be ghost hunters can go out and try their hand at summoning the dead without having to ask permission first.

One of the most famous haunted bridges in the state is the Avon, Indiana Cry Baby Bridge. The history surrounding the bridge isn’t particularly dark or sinister, but the bridge itself is a dramatic feat of modern architecture. A nearby bridge in Danville, Indiana, known colloquially as the Danville, Indiana bridge, seems to be the origin of some of the local lore surrounding the Avon, Indiana Cry Baby Bridge, specifically the stories concerning the Irish man named Henry Johnson who is said to have fallen to his death into the cement used to construct the bridge.

The Anderson, Indiana Cry Baby Bridge is a cool location because of its proximity to a variety of other haunts nearby. There is another Cry Baby Bridge is Pendleton, Indiana for starters, but even closer than that is the Main Street Graveyard in Anderson, a popular haunted location among locals. Unfortunately,  however, the graveyard (which is also known as Hays Cemetery) is also heavily patrolled by police and residents living nearby report people out late who are checking out the location. Get permission if you’re going to visit or be prepared to run for it if the cops show up.

There are at least three other haunted sites in Indiana in the Anderson area that area worth seeing. One of them is the haunted house on Lindberg Road. This house is caving in and probably condemned, but you could look at it from the outside. It is supposedly the site of a lot of paranormal phenomena. The Gruenwald Historic House is a little less dangerous as a haunted location in the area near the Anderson Indiana Cry Baby Bridge.

The Pendleton, Indiana Cry Baby Bridge claims to be the site where a woman deposited her newly born infant by throwing it out of the window of a car in the 1950’s or 1960’s. The baby was found dead later and technology at the time made it impossible to identify the baby’s mother. People today claim to hear the disembodied sounds of the poor infant crying, but you’ll have to go check it out for yourself to find out if it’s truly haunted.

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