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Top Haunted Bridges in the United States


Haunted Bridges are particularly interesting places for a number of reasons. First of all, a haunted bridge symbolizes the passage from life to death, at least in mythology. Many people who have had near death experiences report that they have to cross over a bridge to get to their loved ones (which they never do because they return to the living). This is perhaps why haunted bridges have so much psychological appeal. There is something magical about a place that connects here and there together. And ghosts would naturally feel right at home in a magical place such as this.

There are a number of different types of haunted bridges in the United States. It would be impossible to even mention all of the categories that exist in this short article, but nonetheless, we’ll try to mention some of the categories that are most common. Cry Baby Bridges are of course, among the top haunted bridges in the United States. Cry Baby Bridges in Ohio are really common, but they are found throughout the United States, sometimes going by other names. For example, in Carmel, Indiana, the Screaming Bridge has a story attached to it that is really similar to the ones that have been told about Cry Baby Bridges.

Screaming Bridges are actually relatively common and an interesting subset of haunted bridges in the United States. There is a Screaming Bridge in West Chester, Ohio with a number of colorful stories attached to it. A Screaming Bridge located in a park in Arlington, Texas and another in Williamston, North Carolina will get your palate whetted for these paranormal areas.

A variety of other haunted bridges are out there, many of them with similar stories but names that don’t necessary match the others. For example, one common story about bridges has to do with hangings. Some bridges, like Witch’s Bridge in Weeping Water, Nebraska claim that paranormal activity takes place there because someone hung themselves at the bridge. The Ghost Bridge in Fiske Union, Louisiana also incorporates a gruesome hanging into the story that justifies that paranormal activity that is said to take place there.

The West Chester, Ohio Screaming Bridge is an excellent example of how sensational ghost stories are often told about a haunted bridge but the tales are actually based on a grain of truth. Sometimes people in small communities tell stories that are sensationalized so that they don’t have to talk about the dark and tragic details about a particular location. In West Chester, various stories are told about the bridge, but there are actually some sad deaths that took place at the bridge. Only one of these, however, are mentioned in the ghost stories that are told to explain the paranormal activity taking place at the bridge.

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