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Haunted Witches Grave Sites in the United States



When a haunted location is somehow related to a witch, either by name or maybe just through the ghost stories associated with it, people perk up and listen. If it’s true that real witches are buried at some of the witches grave sites that are famous in the United States, then a lot of people would be interested in seeing them and learning about them. But none of the witches buried at witches graves in the most famous locations in the U.S. ever wore a black hat or carried a wand. More than likely, the ladies buried in these places were just eccentric, ugly, or old.


There are so many cemeteries and graveyards that are purportedly haunted due to the presence of a witch it would be impossible to name them all in one article. In Nebraska alone there are two witches graves. One of them is called Witch’s Grave (of course) in Aurora, Nebraska. The other is called Lottie’s Grave and it is located north further in Homer, Nebraska. The two locations have different ghost stories attached to them, but if you’re interested in witch lore, both are worth reading about.


Haunted graveyards are interesting to begin with, probably because it’s easy to believe that these places are indeed a place where paranormal activity takes place. Haunted locations where there is witch lore, however, adds some spice to an already interesting paranormal place. Hillside Cemetery in Skiatook, Oklahoma has its own witch’s grave and Oak Hill Cemetery in Galena, Kansas does too. Both of these locations have only weak stories linking the witches grave to the haunting itself. Needless to say, however, talking about a witch buried in a graveyard is quite a draw. It gets people to listen, which is probably the function of many witches grave sites in the United States.


Other haunted graveyard stories are more believable when it comes to witches. At least if you have a realistic definition of what a witch “is”. Women who were dubbed witches back in the early days of the United States were usually old, ugly women who were somewhat of a burden on society because they had been widowed and relied on others for basic necessities. Some of the women who became known as witches were just radical thinkers (for the time). Perhaps they were women who didn’t attend church service, but they didn’t wear black hats or ride on broomsticks.


Though the Marietta, Georgia witch’s graveyard is a very famous haunt, it is better known as a place where people congregate in white robes to perform rituals. Whether or not these people are real witches or not isn’t known, but the place is a major paranormal hot spot nonetheless and the name that’s been given to the place has probably helped fuel interest in the haunted location.


Other witch’s graves exist too. One witch’s grave is in Annapolis, Maryland. Another one is in Mannington, West Virginia. The stories for each are just a little bit different and the paranormal activity is as well, but they all have the presence of a dead witch in common. It’s important to remember that the witch’s in question probably didn’t practice witchcraft, but that doesn’t really diminish the appeal for a lot of amateur ghost hunters. The idea of witches and the paranormal seem to go together whether the witch in question carried a wand or road a broomstick or not.

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