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Real Haunted Schools


It is more rare to find a high school or elementary school that isn’t supposedly haunted than one that has no ghost stories attached to it at all. Perhaps this is because most schools are indeed haunted. Or, perhaps it’s because imaginative kids tell a lot of scary stories. There are plenty of frightening tales about janitors and shadow people in the auditorium at schools all across the United States, but are there any haunted schools that have verifiably dark histories attached to them? Of course, although you sometimes have to dig to find the information. Haunted colleges are also out there. Though there are a lot of bogus claims about dormitories where some girl jumped from a window to her death, in reality, there are some historically verifiable facts that back up hauntings at colleges in the United States.

One high school that may truly be haunted is in the plains of Nebraska. The Lexington Middle School there has a surprisingly haunted history. A 15 year old Girl Scout, Mildred Sorenson fell off the roof of the building in 1927 while performing a patriotic good deed. She slipped and fell 40 feet and died later that night. To commemorate Mildred’s heroic act, there is a cement plaque on the side of the Lexington Middle School Building. Students and staff report that chairs move across the room and lights sometimes flicker on and off inexplicably. Numerous stories have sprouted up across Nebraska at other purportedly haunted schools

Another haunted school that is worth mentioning is St. Mary’s Catholic School in Walsenburg, Colorado. This school and the buildings surrounding it will leave an impression on anyone who visits it. It is entirely gutted due to a fire, apparently that destroyed the inside of the building. Don’t go in without permission. The building is probably unstable and going inside could be very dangerous.

Haunted colleges are similarly scattered throughout the United States. Though most colleges tell haunting stories that are knock-offs of the real thing there are some rather interesting stories behind the authentic ones. For example, at Macky Auditorium in Boulder, Colorado, is where Joseph Dyre Morse murdered 20 year old Elaura Jaquette in a tower in 1966. She was assaulted with a piece of wood and swung around the room by her feet. The entire room in the tower was covered in blood. Paranormal investigators have failed to turn up evidence of a haunting, but students still claim that there are ghosts at the University of Colorado in Boulder.

Concordia College in Seward, Nebraska is yet another famous haunted college. It may seem like a very typical haunt at first, but it has historical facts backing up reports of paranormal activity. David Dorm at Concordia College is the most active area on campus where strange electrical phenomena is said to occur on a regular basis. Perhaps this is because the campus was built on a Native American burial ground. Bones were unearthed during construction of the haunted school in the 1970’s, but the city of Seward gave permission for construction of the college buildings to continue.


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