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The Cry Baby Bridge Legend


The Cry Baby Bridge story is one that is very believable. Indeed, in many places throughout the United States, the same story was played out with the same tragic consequences. The Cry Baby Bridge legend is well known and resonates with many of us because we know that the probability that it really happened sometime in history is pretty high.

There is a Cry Baby Bridge in areas throughout states like Ohio and Maryland. There is no single Cry Baby Bridge  that stands out as the mother of them all, but rather the prolific scattering of these haunted bridges speaks to the religious and political intolerance that guided social interactions in the early days of the United States.

At every Cry Baby Bridge in the United States, there is generally a woman who has a small child out of wedlock and the baby dies. Sometimes the baby must be put to death to hide the mother’s adulterous behaviors from other people. In this case, sometimes other people get rid of the child by throwing it over a bridge.

Elements of the legend are present in all the various Cry Baby Bridges throughout the United States. Alabama is famous for Cry Baby Bridge stories. In one, a woman is being pursued and must deposit her baby before she is captured. The story of a woman running who must leave her baby hidden from view is an example of a Cry Baby Bridge Alabama-style. It is based on an actual event that may have happened during the Civil War.This Cry Baby Bridge story takes place in Clanton, AL.

Another completely different, but even more chilling Cry Baby Bridge story is taken from Greenville, Alabama. This story is true and you have to read it to believe it. In this story, a man named Travis Dayton brutally chopped up his wife and newborn infant. The remains of his wife were found, but the remains of the new baby never were, which definitely lends credibility to the tale and the idea that paranormal phenomena might be taking place at the bridge in Greenville due to the savage murder of the poor infant.

Cry Baby Bridges typically involve manifestations of babies crying or white ladies searching for their babies. There are other types of paranormal activity said to take place at these haunted bridges too, but these two kinds of experiences are the most common. There are many Cry Baby Bridge videos to peruse at the web site to see what other people are experiencing at these locations. If you have a Cry Baby Bridge in Ohio or Illinois, get some footage of these locations yourself to post at for other people to see. Cry Baby Bridge pictures also inform the community of paranormal enthusiasts and help paranormal investigators develop theories and better understand ghosts and spirits, and the after-life further enriching the study of the paranormal for everyone.

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