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Visiting Haunted Houses with a Group of Friends


If you’re hoping to get in some thrills and chills this season for Halloween, you may be considering a group venture to a real haunted house. There are, after all, haunted houses everywhere and nothing is as sure to please as ghost hunt weekends in October. Your group may be considering a haunted road trip or perhaps just a visit to a nearby haunt that’s locally famous. Either way, there are some rules you need to follow regarding etiquette to keep haunt investigation on the up and up.

First of all, it’s best to stick with a haunted house that accepts investigators. Don’t go into a place to irritate the owners or to get into trouble with the police. That’s a terrible plan for a group of friends. There are some haunted hotels, for example, that simply don’t like to have ghost hunters or paranormal investigators sniffing around. Perhaps the owners of the hotel have a “thing” against ghosts and the paranormal and they just don’t like to have people coming in to challenge their beliefs. If you pull out a Ouija board in a hotel room against the owner’s wishes, that’s not really good ghost hunting etiquette. Find another place to stay. There are always other haunted hotels to stay in.

If you’re going to a local haunted house or property then contact the person who owns or maintains the property before you go. You may need to call the local police department to get permission to visit the location with a group of friends if the property is owned by the city. But if you go through the proper hoops and get permission to be in a particular haunted location, you’re friend will think you’re cool. Investigating paranormal activity by the rules is always more fun (and more cool) than trying not to get caught while doing something that’s forbidden or against the law.

If there just aren’t any cool haunted houses near your area, but you still want to do something that’s truly unique for Halloween, consider doing a party where you pull up videos or look at pictures of haunted houses. Watching real ghost video footage on a big screen (or perhaps just on a computer) can be a lot of fun with chips and dip. Read up on the most interesting haunted house stories at and then watch the videos and look at pictures together.

Most importantly, if you end up visiting a haunted cemetery or some other location that’s purportedly inhabited by ghosts, don’t vandalize the place. This gives all ghost hunters a bad name and sets you up to get into trouble. Organize a fun outing with the proper permission or organize a party with your friends this Halloween to get them really spooked. Take a look at the Villisca Axe Murder House in Villisca, Iowa or perhaps the Gold Camp Road in Colorado Springs, Colorado to get you started on your search for haunted places with videos and photos that everyone will enjoy!


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