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Are paranormal shows real?


Because technology has made film and other media so easy to fake, it’s impossible to know for sure about whether or not paranormal television shows are real or not. However, most people decide for themselves anyway. The authenticity of the host or the guests on a show can go a long way toward convincing someone that a particular set of paranormal shows are real or not.

If you’re thinking about whether or not paranormal reality shows are real, it depends on what aspects of the show you’re referring to. Paranormal shows on TV have to be directed and produced, after all, which means that sometimes, the people on the shows have to say their spiel several times or the interviewer has to clarify questions and ask them again and cut out a “bad” response from a guest. This part of paranormal television shows is often scripted, at least somewhat. Some hosts do better with direction and production than others. But as far as the paranormal activity is concerned, that’s anybody’s guest.

In reality, a producer could take a host with a great personality and excellent acting ability and “create” paranormal events that seem real when viewed on film. The host could add credibility to the supposedly paranormal activity that’s caught on film. It wouldn’t be difficult and it’s possible that some paranormal TV shows actually do this kind of thing. But in real life, there is paranormal activity happening everywhere. Thousands of people head out every weekend to investigate purportedly haunted locations and come back with evidence that seems to match what’s been depicted on paranormal reality shows like Ghost Adventures or Ghost Hunters. Perhaps it’s a set up or perhaps it’s merely coincidental. Either way, it’s up to the viewer to decide.

Recently, we received word that there’s a new paranormal reality series based around Haunted Adventures. There is a nationwide search for potential guests on the show which is going to be produced by Ping Pong Productions and the Producer behind Paranormal Activity. The show requires three people to be willing take a week off to film. Ideally, these three people (who can be family, friends, or coworkers) must be outgoing and energetic as well as adventurous. Taping for the show will happen between September 4, 2012 and October 15, 2012.

If you’re reading this now and you happen to be chosen for the show, perhaps you could enlighten everyone reading this blog with commentary about the authenticity of your experience.

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