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The Haunting of Woodglen Park
Thornton, Colorado

Posted by Hauntings Admin on 07/04/2009



Woodglen Park | Thornton, Colorado
play ground at woodglen park
Woodglen Park | Thornton, Colorado Woodglen Park | Thornton, Colorado

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About Woodglen Park


11551 Madison St.
Parks and Open Space Advisory Commission

The Story:

Local lore indicates that a young person was locked in a bathroom on one end of the park in sometime in the late 1980's and early 1990's. The young person was not able to get out of the bathroom and apparently said bathroom caught fire. Of course, the young person locked in the bathroom was killed, according to this story. New playground equipment supposedly stands at the location where this bathroom facility once was located.

The History:

Thornton is located in Adams County and is a relatively new development, having taken root in the 1950's. A man named Sam Hoffman is credited with developing Thornton as a fully planned community. Thornton was named after Governor Dan Thornton. Today it is the sixth largest city in Colorado and a suburb of Denver (Wikipedia, 2008).

Sam Hoffman was well revered as the “Henry Ford of the Construction Industry” in Colorado and his accomplishments in the development of Aurora and Thornton, Colorado are quite noteworthy and a bit dry for the average ghost hunter. But Sam Hoffman killed his wife Ann and himself in their home in Phoenix on October 13, 1959, only 6 years after he pioneered the development of the city of Thornton, which adds a bit of flavor and dark interest to hauntings that are said to occur in this area. Sam Hoffman was only 58 years old when he died (Brennan, n.d.).

We have not verified the historical accuracy of the story for Woodglen Park.

The Haunting:

Paranormal activity that has been reported includes disembodied screams and feelings of being followed.


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chris Posted: 04/12/2009
I went here tonight this is by far one of the scariest things Ive ever done. We went around 1am and we walks through i will back the feeling of being followed we also captured orbs and we felt something following use we ended up running back to the car and speeding out of there.
lolwtf Posted: 07/15/2009
I live about a block away from there :)
itznotrokitsyence Posted: 05/31/2010
5 of us went to investigate this location shortly after nightfall. We spent about 45 minutes around the playground area and had some very interesting 'personal experiences'. At times, we all could smell wood burning and the smell would move to different areas with the smell disappearing then reappearing within feet from the previous location. I experienced 2 instances where I felt a burning sensation in my upper torso only to have it subside as fast as it came. As 2 of us were up on the hill directly west of the playground, we felt a strong presence and I watched the weeds move as though someone had walked past. Just as I announced "someone just walked through here", one of our group who was sitting on a swing had their hoodie tugged on and instantaneously the event was followed by a loud scream which was heard by all of us and caught on the voice recorder. There was definitely a presence there last night, but as to why, I am not sure since I cannot substantiate the claims of any foul play which resulted in a young boys death. I look forward to further investigations of this location, but I would like to locate factual information as to what happened here.
superGhost Posted: 05/31/2010
Hi itznotrokitsyence! Cool experience! OmaHaunt is going to let you upload your EVPs soon, I'll keep you posted (can't wait to hear it!)
pepsi** Posted: 06/03/2010
wow, im glad to know im not the only one who investigates places lol.... but i'd luv to investigate that place sounds exciting and also creepy
itznotrokitsyence Posted: 06/03/2010
These experiences took place on the east end of the park. We will be going back soon to investigate the west end bathrooms. Should be interesting.

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