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The Haunting of Wonder Bar
Casper, Wyoming

Posted by Hauntings Admin on 07/04/2009



Wonder Bar | Casper, Wyoming Wonder Bar | Casper, Wyoming Wonder Bar | Casper, Wyoming Wonder Bar | Casper, Wyoming

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About Wonder Bar


Casper, Wyoming was established in 1888 and is presently home to approximately 50,000 people. Casper was named after Lieutenant Caspar Collins who came to the area to protect a wagon train that was carrying supplies for the Fort that was then known as Platte Bridge Station. Caspar Collins was killed in hand to hand combat with Red Cloud and Lakota warriors as he made his way across the bridge to the fort. He was killed while trying to rescue a wounded man by pulling the man up onto his horse. He lost control of the horse and the horse galloped directly into the Lakota army. Apparently, Caspar Collin's body was found with an arrow sticking out of his forehead, the reins in his teeth, and a pistol in each hand. Years later, a Nobody accidentally mispelled the name “Caspar” as “Casper” and this new spelling stuck probably because the other nobodies around at the time knew how to spell any better.

Casper has a rather violent history. A gun fight on Main Street between the mayor and his business partner resulted in the death of the business partner. Early store clerks built up little forts of flour sacks around their beds (they slept at the store to protect their goods from being stolen) to divert stray bullets.

A number of trails pass through Casper, including the Mormon Trail, California Trail, Oregon Trail, Pony Express, and a smattering of cattle trails.

The Wonder Bar is recently reopened. When we visited this location it was not open so we were not able to get photos of the inside of the building. Apparently this is a fairly popular place with live music on the weekends.

Paranormal Reports:

Reports of full body apparitions on the stairs. Disembodied sounds and lights that turn on and off without explanation.


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russman4 Posted: 11/21/2010
I can attest to the fact that the Wonder Bar is haunted. Back in the 1980's after the oil bust, the Wonder Bar started to lose business. At the time my father started working as a janitor there early mornings to supplement his social security. He always told me how he'd hear his name called out, when no one else was there at 3 - 6 am in the morning. Lights would turn on and off by themselves, he'd feel a hand touch his shoulder when no one else was in the building, he'd hear footsteps up the stairway leading to the upstairs bar. A few times when he was sick I went in to help him and I can personally confirm that I heard footsteps myself, and being psychically sensitive myself, I could feel the heaviness of the air as soon as I entered the establishment. I had to try to fight my instinct's desire to leave. Once I was cleaning downstairs and went to clean the bathroom and heard a toilet flush as I approached the door to the bathroom. I walked in, and NO ONE was there, but the toilet tank was still filling up. The toilet had been flushed and stopped on it's own normally. My vacuum cleaner started on its own. The spirit(s) is mischievous at least. The owner at the time, Guy Cooper, told my father stories about what he had experience there and said the place was definitely haunted. Other employees in the past also reported seeing and hearing things oftentimes, so this place is no secret.

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