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The Haunting of Witch's Grave
Galena, Kansas

Posted by Hauntings Admin on 10/10/2010



Witchs Grave | Galena, Kansas

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About Witch's Grave


Galena, Kansas is located in the far southeastern corner of the state

Witch’s Grave is located near Galena, Kansas in Oak Hill Cemetery. Take Highway 26/Jefferson St. North to West Vine Street. Take West Vine Street west to Columbus Stret. Then take Columbus Street north to Oak Hill Cemetery Rd.

Witch’s Grave is located in the back of the Oak Hill Cemetry on a tall hill. Another gravesite that is home to a witch (or so they say) is located in Skiatook, Oklahoma in Hillside Cemetery (interesting both cemeteries have the word "hill" in it). The Skiatook Witch's Grave is similar in many respects to the one described in Galena, Kansas.


In 1877, galena, a type of lead was discovered in this area. After briefly being called “Short Creek” the community was named Galena. The community once boasted a population of 30,000 residents during the mining boom, but today it has a population of just over 3,000.

Paranormal Reports for this Haunt:

Reports of apparitions and disembodied moaning sounds.

Witch’s Grave is one of many locations in the region that blames a witch or witches for haunting and paranormal activity. For example, see Witch’s Grave in Aurora, Nebraska.


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