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The Haunting of Witch's Grave
Aurora, Nebraska

Posted by Hauntings Admin on 07/04/2009



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About Witch's Grave

At the intersection of Highway 14 and Highway 30 in Aurora, go north past the park and turn left on the gravel road next to the cemetery. Witch's grave is on the far northwest corner.

The Haunting:

Sometime in the 1800's a woman was accused of being a witch. This woman was, according to reports, burned at the stake OR she was hanged. We're not sure which of the reports (or maybe neither of them)is true.

This witch, apparently swore an oath to come back and haunt the townspeople. So the people of Aurora put up a large tombstone (to remind all of the dangers of witchcraft) and 4 iron bars at each corner of her grave along with chains strung between and across them.

Legend has it that the chains, strung from four iron posts (one at each corner) on the witch's grave kept breaking. The people of Aurora finally stopped trying to repair the chains.

There are other haunted locations in the United States where a witch's grave is the purported cause. For example, there is a Witch's Grave in Skiatook, Oklahoma where strange events have been blamed on a dead witch. And Wtich's Grave at Truxton Park in Annapolis, Maryland is another site with the same name in the New England area. Rather than being bound by posts, the Witch's Grave in Maryland is located beside a slanted tree. And finally, at the back of Oak Hill Cemetery in Galena, Kansas is yet another Witch's Grave where paranormal activity is said to occur.

The History:

One of the most interesting and relevant tidbits we have found in our prelimary historical research is that the Oregon Trail Marker near Aurora also had four iron posts (one on each corner) as part of its decor and a photo of this landmarker reveals that the chains strung between the posts were also broken. Perhaps, in the early days of Aurora's history, people simply liked the "look" of iron posts at all four corners with chains between them. And perhaps the type of chains they used rusted easily and broke after being exposed to the elements.

The first people buried at Aurora Cemetery (where Witch's Grave is located) were young children. One was 2 years old and the other was 5 years old.

We haven't received reports of any specific type of paranormal activity at this location. However, the locals are mostly aware of the story of Witch's Grave, know the location of the grave, and have visited it themselves.

Other Related Haunts:

There are several other haunted locations in Aurora, Nebraska for ghost hunters who are in the area. Check out the Aurora Courthouse, Spaff's Grave, and the haunted Motor Inn. Aurora, Nebraska has some interesting ghost stories complete with an Indian shaman who protects the city from tornados (recently a very powerful one passed very close to the city, but the city was spared).

For readers who are interested in more Nebraska witch hauntings and lore, Lottie's Grave in Homer, Nebraska and the Salt Witch of Ashland, Nebraska are worth looking into.


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Jacki Posted: 08/08/2008
When I was growing up in aurora, I was very skeptical about this. I have heard the legend say that if you sit on the iron bars at midnight, you will die before your 21st birthday. I couldnt pass that up. I tried it....result...I am still here and now am 40! Guess it really is just a legend!
Desiree Posted: 08/26/2008
I grew up in that area also and its a big thing to go see lotties grave. As for me I have never went because I figured it was a bunch of bs and if you do go up there be careful because I heard that the cops patrol up there alot and if you get caught you get a good fine for it.
smiles Posted: 12/26/2008
i have heard that during the small pox out breaks people would bury thier loved ones with blessed chains surrounding the grave thinking this would keep the infection contained , but this grave that is being spoken of is that of a young wife buried with her stillborn child the chains where put up by the husband to keep them safe my fathers dad was living when the grave was dug and said that this legend is bogus he was born in 1889 so i am sure he he would know!!
smiles Posted: 12/29/2008
oh and by that way the corner of highways 14 and 30 would be central city!!!! and the corner of 14 and 34 is the park or mc donalds and this grave is in the cemetary on the corner of highway 14 and west 14th road once again geography people !!
jen Posted: 01/04/2009
my mom has been there
Rita 2009-06-19 Posted: 06/19/2009
I was to this grave for the second time. It is very easy to find because it is all alone (no other graves by it) There are indeed 4 corner posts, and most of the chain is broken. Yesterday there were flowers on the grave and people leave coins, possibly to appease her spirit.
Beastgurl Posted: 12/07/2009
I left the quarter :) but yeah its a really creepy lookin grave. I have pictures but I don't know where the camera went.

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