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The Haunting of Witch's Bridge
Weeping Water, Nebraska

Posted by Hauntings Admin on 07/04/2009



Witchs Bridge | Weeping Water, Nebraska
Witch's Bridge in Weeping Water, Nebraska
Witchs Bridge | Weeping Water, Nebraska Witchs Bridge | Weeping Water, Nebraska Witchs Bridge | Weeping Water, Nebraska Witchs Bridge | Weeping Water, Nebraska Witchs Bridge | Weeping Water, Nebraska Witchs Bridge | Weeping Water, Nebraska Witchs Bridge | Weeping Water, Nebraska Witchs Bridge | Weeping Water, Nebraska Witchs Bridge | Weeping Water, Nebraska

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About Witch's Bridge

Weeping Water, Nebraska:

Weeping Water is located south of Omaha in Cass County, Nebraska on the far eastern side of the state. It is a small community of about 1,050 residents.

Location of Witch’s Bridge:

Witch’s Bridge is located outside of town on gravel roads.

Interesting Facts about Witch’s Bridge:

Weeping Water locals have different stories that they tell about the bridge. Some of them claim that a witch hung herself at the bridge while others locals admit that there may have been a teenage boy who hung himself at the bridge in the 1960’s or 1970’s.

Weeping Water was the site of a Prisoner of War camp during World War II.

Ghosts of Witch’s Bridge:

In reports regarding this legend, one may go out to this bridge on an "odd" (as opposed to even) date, at an odd hour, with an odd number of people and look under the bridge and the witch will "pull you under".  Some locals have also reported that the bridge will “shake” without good reason.

Entity Paranormal Hunters investigated this location and recommended visiting the bridge at night. Shadow people, disembodied footsteps, and photographic anomalies were all experienced at the Witch’s Bridge during their visit.

Other Related Haunts:

If you’re in Weeping Water, check out Monkey Mountain. This is a location where people claim that a circus train derailed and the animals on board got loose and ran wild through the area. If you're interested in Witch's, consider visiting Witch's Grave in Aurora, Nebraska as well.

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Jaimie Posted: 08/26/2008
OMG okay me and two of my friends went out there last night. It was the 25th so it was an odd day and it was about 11:35 so it was an odd hour and there were three of us and we walked onto the bridge and the bars started to shake lightly back and forth and there was NO WIND and we heard a soft screeching almost a screaming like sound off in the distance a little! It was crazy!
Corbin Posted: 09/24/2008
Me and a whole bunch of friend went to witches bridge they all thought that they could scare the newbie and when I did this nothing happened i had my upper body under the bridge nothing happened.... just to say it was 1 in the morning and they were 13 of us so it was already unlucky
pat Posted: 09/27/2008
i was just wondering if anyone can actually tell me on what roads in weeping water this bridge is located..i've gone out there several times and have been unsuccessful locating it, and like the post says the locals were no help when i stopped and asked for directions
nicole Posted: 10/01/2008
i live here and drove over it saturday and needless to say regardless of the time, there is something. we dont get out of car or anything but if you plan on visiting this, expect something to happen
Joe Poole Posted: 10/15/2008
Yeah, um, the pictures you have on your website aren't even pictures of the real bridge. The real bridge is a railroad bridge. Not some stupid road bridge that everyone thinks it is.
JS Posted: 10/31/2008
Why don't you take some photos of the "real" Witch's bridge then and send them to Omahaunt and have the myth of the road bridge thus dispelled?
Jennifer Posted: 11/02/2008
Witch's Bridge is located about 400 feet north of 84th and Adams, which is several miles outside of Weeping Water. Use mapquest and you'll be able to find it.
Samantha W Posted: 02/24/2009
Hey Joe! I live in Weeping Water, and I will say that I've had weird experiences at Witches Bridge. I went there two Halloweens ago with a couple friends and basically had the shit scared out of me.

I've never been to the "real" witches bridge, because I'm too scared after being terrified at the fake one. haha
Stephany Snyder Posted: 03/30/2009
One, it obviously didn't keep teenagers away from witchcraft as I did practice it in my teen years with a close friend and still hold true to my beliefs to this day...

After moving and living here I never heard of said "Witch's Bridge"...

Where is it?! I want to go explore!

Jim Posted: 04/02/2009
Sounds interesting, next time i go to Hannah's Grave i'm gonna have to stop there. Where's the fake bridge b.t.w.?
Jan Posted: 04/15/2009
OMG this is so scary NOT
shayne Posted: 04/15/2009
yeah um the whole witches bridge thing is a total lie
? Posted: 04/15/2009
um where is witch's bridge? i wanna know whos house is it by
Lucy Posted: 07/14/2009
I have the strangest story for this, but it is too skepitcal to believe, but there was something there. Tip for anyone who goes out there, NEVER USE DOWSING ROD!!!!
Chase and Mike Posted: 09/09/2009
Pat,If your coming from Omaha on HWY 50, go to HWY 1, go east until you reach 84th street and go south. Its about a mile past Weeping Water road. If your coming from Lincoln go on HWY 34 until you reach 84th and go north. You will be able to see it from Adams street.
Chris Posted: 09/10/2009
I believe there likely is something on this bridge simply because there was a group of paranormal investigators there with us that we helped to track something down. There were plenty of orbs in our photos, if you try provoking whatever is there you'll get an extremely cold feeling and the bridge may even shake or you might hear noises on the bridge as you are walking. This bridge is hard to find though. I believe the road that leads out of town near the cemetery at the top of town could be taken and it is a ways down that road. You will need to turn right and the bridge is right after some train tracks from there.
Jay Jay Posted: 09/13/2009
Okay so now this bridge IS haunted. I know a bunch of ya'll go out there and do the little ritual of looking underneath the bridge because she is supposed to "pull you under" well... it doesnt matter who you are or what you do the ghost on that bridge does not like people there. We went her just a few nights ago. and we drove across the bridge and got to the other side parked the car and got out to go investigate and we turned around and took the very first picture of the bridge and right between the bridge was in the middle of it was a very very large orb (ONE orb) and it was very big and very bright. we walked accross the bridge and my camera showed that the imagie was undifined... (pretty odd, considering I have a very good expensive camera) none the less we were waling accross the bridge and we're amungst ourselves and one of our team members was procoking the ghost and then you heard a loud bang on the bridge as if soeone had hit the medal bar of the bridge and made it ring. sevral pictures from the bridge show several orbs, and mist. It wasnt until later after we had gotten back from ball cemetery and the graveyards in weeping water that we went back because of our fasination with the bridge, we all felt the presence of something thre, when we arrived back there was another group of paranormal investigators who had taught us alot and were wonderful to us, we are a paranormal investigation team that is just begginging, it was great to learn from them and work along with them. (Entity paranoraml inverstigation team) there they taught us so much, and showed us a bunch of cool pictures taht they had taken from the bridge also. they also talked with the ghost and you could hear the ghosts reply of tapping on the bridge to answer our questions. it was another amazing night!
Jay Jay Posted: 09/13/2009
o and just another thing to add, the story beind the bridge is not of a witch, would could be the reason she didnt "pull you under" the story was a girl friend and a boyfriend who broke up and other kids told the boyfriend that the girl had killed herself on that bridge so the boyfriend jumped over the bridge and plunged to his death. he is whom haunts the bridge. and the way to get there is to go close to weeping water and turn on to adams, until you get to 84th street, its not really hard to find, but its not taht easy, we use a tom tom when we go... very wise thing to have! :) It is quite a drive for us to get there about 3 hours but it is one place that we will continue to go quie frequently.
s Posted: 10/24/2009
the story i heard was that 2 kids a boy and a girl were kidnapped and the witch of the town was to have been the one who did it. she went out and was going to hang her self and she nelt down to pray and slipped and hung her self.
Brat Posted: 10/25/2009
That is not the true witches bridge you have to walk about a mile west of there on a 4 wheeler path
m8zing Posted: 06/01/2010
yeah tried to find the "real bridge" went down what looked like a 4 runner path just saw a old wooden house or shack but no bridge
m8zing Posted: 06/01/2010
four wheeler i mean
superGhost Posted: 06/02/2010
When we investigated this haunt, we were told by locals that this WAS the bridge. If there IS another bridge, we'd love to see the photos!
William Posted: 04/30/2013
I live and own some property a stone's throw from the bridge. It is a historical bridge listed in the Cass County register of historical places. Don't know if its the real bridge mentioned as the Witches Bridge but I do know the one on my street (84th) is very old. People have been living here since 1857. There is a railroad bridge right next to this bridge. On October 29th, 1901, An early settler named Henry Heebner was hit and killed by a train while crossing this bridge on a windy day. That at least is a recorded historical fact. Henry moved here in 1880. I live on his brothers farm which was settled in homesteaded in 1857. My house was built in 1875. The wife has seen ghosts in and around the property.

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