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The Haunting of Waterdog Lake
Belmont, California

Posted by Hauntings Admin on 01/28/2011



Waterdog Lake | Belmont, California Waterdog Lake | Belmont, California Waterdog Lake | Belmont, California Waterdog Lake | Belmont, California Waterdog Lake | Belmont, California

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About Waterdog Lake

Belmont, California

Belmont is in central California along the Pacific coast. It is located in San Mateo County in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Belmont incorporated in 1926. It has a population of 25-30,000 residents.

Waterdog Lake Information:

Waterdog Lake is locally famous. It is situated in the foothills and highlands west of Belmont, California. It is known for as a hiking mecca and great place for outdoor recreation.

Ghosts and the Paranormal at Waterdog Lake in Belmont, California:

Locals claim that a young boy, about the age of 12 was murdered at Waterdog Lake by a man who was caught and sentenced for the crime. Although we have not yet uncovered a murder of this sort at Waterdog Lake, there was a murder of a young boy, age 12, along with his friend, age 10 in Bell Gardens, California. These boys were killed at John Anson Ford Park by a man who was caught and sentenced to death for the crime. The bodies of these two boys were deposited near a pond at the John Anson Ford Park. It is possible and likely that the story of this tragic event was retold with the wrong location as the setting, namely Waterdog Park, even though the murder didn't happen here.

Even though the story of this murder is likely not true for the location, people have reported some weird goings-on at Waterdog Lake in Belmont, California. A galloping creature from the netherworld and very strong, very creepy sensations of being watched by an unseen force have been reported here. Visitors have also reported hearing disembodied screams and gunshots.


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SAWillGraham Posted: 06/30/2014
How much time was spent trying to uncover the existence of the Waterdog Lake murder, 6 seconds? Actually, that should have been enough to verify the information on it. The 1984 Waterdog Lake murder was very real indeed, although it actually happened near a tree standing by the path that leads away from the lake itself. The murdered boy was the second known victim of serial killer J. S. Dunkle, who currently sits in San Quentin.

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