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Haunted Wyoming



Fort Bridger State Historic Site | Fort Bridger, Wyoming Rocky Mountain High School | Byron, Wyoming Fossil Country Frontier Museum | Kemmerer, Wyoming Cedar Spirit Mountain | Cody, Wyoming Wyoming Territorial Prison | Laramie, Wyoming Old Cemetery  |  Mine | Gebo, Wyoming Old Wyoming State Penitentiary | Rawlins, Wyoming Rawlins Middle School | Rawlins, Wyoming Rawlins High School | Rawlins, Wyoming Ferris Mansion | Rawlins, Wyoming Wyoming Territorial Prison | Laramie, Wyoming Laramie Plains Civic Center | Laramie, Wyoming University of Wyoming -  Knight Hall | Laramie, Wyoming Wonder Bar | Casper, Wyoming Kwik Mart | Thermopolis, Wyoming Ivy House Bed and Breakfast | Casper, Wyoming Old UndergroundTunnels | Cheyenne, Wyoming Natrona County High School | Casper, Wyoming Old Cemetery  |  Mine | Gebo, Wyoming St. Marks Episcopal Church | Cheyenne, Wyoming

Haunted Places in Wyoming