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Haunted Nevada



Haunted Robb Canyon | reno, Nevada
Robb Canyon Reno NV- Photo courtesy of Don Sweet
Haunted Robb Canyon | reno, Nevada Boulder City pet cemetery | Boulder City, Nevada Unionville | Unionville, Nevada Bowers Mansion | New Washoe City, Nevada The Mizpah Hotel | Tonopah, Nevada Virginia City Flats | Houston Minerals Cyanide Mill | Virginia City, Nevada Silver Terrace Cemetery | Virginia City Cemetery | Virginia City, Nevada Pipers Opera House | Virginia City, Nevada Kittys Long Branch Saloon | Virginia City, Nevada Fourth Ward School | Virginia City, Nevada Gold Hill | Virginia City, Nevada Haunted Robb Canyon | reno, Nevada Moapa Valley Empowerment School | Logandale, Nevada Nellis Air force base | Las Vegas, Nevada Bellagio | Las Vegas, Nevada Old Washoe Club | Virginia City, Nevada Hillside Cemetery | reno, Nevada Armagosa Opera House and Hotel | Death Valley Junction, Nevada Treem Elementary School | Henderson, Nevada Fox Ridge Park | Henderson, Nevada

Haunted Places in Nevada