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The Haunting of Twin Churches
Montezuma, Georgia

Posted by Hauntings Admin on 01/28/2011



Twin Churches | Montezuma, Georgia
Orb/Mist following us at Old Salem Church
Twin Churches | Montezuma, Georgia Twin Churches | Montezuma, Georgia Twin Churches | Montezuma, Georgia

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About Twin Churches


SalemBoyz Posted: 11/01/2013
WE WENT THERE TONIGHT AND IT WAS VERY CREEPY! The legend is that years ago, a preacher was accused of having an affair with a a member of the parish, and was promptly asked to leave. He claimed this was untrue and, in ager over the false accusations, cursed the building before he left. The church apparently became so infested with evil and despair that the church was abandoned and a new church built right next to it. The name of hte church is actually The Salem Church, on Twin Churches Rd. We went tonight, and it's definitely a creepy place. Just like the legend says, there are two churches side by side. One newer and one VERY old. The old church is set off the tiny roadway approximately 20 yards. There are not homes, or public buildings anywhere near it. There is a small cemetery between the old church and the new church, but there is no fence. Be careful not to hit a headstone. We almost did. The church has very few remnants of white paint on the wooden exterior. It's very dilapidated, and we were afraid to go inside because it looked structurally unsafe. The feeling you get from the building isn't one of crippling fear, but instead it feels uncomfortable. As if you're intruding somehow. While we were looking around with our flashlights, we heard what could only be described as talking, but it was too mumbled and hushed to understand. Needless to say, it scared us pretty bad. We were able to snap a few pictures, and in one, it appears to be an orb, with an elongated tail, between the photographer and the other two women. We will definitely be going back with voice and video equipment. Great haunted find!!

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