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The Haunting of Tigard High School
Tigard, Oregon

Posted by Hauntings Admin on 02/07/2011



Tigard High School | Tigard, Oregon

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About Tigard High School


martis Posted: 04/15/2014
I have no haunting experiences WITHIN Tigard High, but the areas around the school are definitely occupied by spirits- facing the picture of the school down to the right there used to be a forest tract (when I went to school there) that was really old. Let's just say in a group of people you were very welcome there, but something wanted you out of there if you were alone. There was always the feeling of being watched and hearing strange noises of either someone walking through the branches of disembodied voices that weren't really there. Just before the forest grove was a huge 2 story abandoned white house. Within this, of course, was a lot of Satanic symbolism and images- as well as other strange vandalism's. Also, the area behind the High School was a place where many people were constantly being injured. I lost track of how many time the police and ambulances were there to take someone out. If you turn left up the road from this picture, you'll come up to the water treatment plant. If you take a right there along the plants water border and walk up (I think you have to cross the plant property to get to the fence) youll get to a cow field fence. Left facing the fence, up and over, over the field and over 1 more fence and field. This leads to train tracks
martis Posted: 04/15/2014
I ran out of space- oops. Anyway, these train tracks come out in Tualitan at a park (left off the tracks) or left off the main road after coming over the tracks in Tualitan. This park is haunted, with a (then) hanging tree, and talk of multiple murders along the main trail.
martis Posted: 04/18/2014
Looked it up on Google Earth- you should check this out. The train trestle is down onto the river- really cool sight!

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