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The Haunting of Third Bridge No.2
Aurora, Colorado

Posted by Hauntings Admin on 07/04/2009



Third Bridge No.2 | Aurora, Colorado Third Bridge No.2 | Aurora, Colorado

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About Third Bridge No.2

The History: The Huntgate Massacre, which occurred at Boxelder Creek is a likely reason why reports of paranormal events have surfaced at Third Bridge. Although the directions to Third Bridge #2 are rather non-descript, it seems intelligent to assume that the dirt road emerges outside the urban area through which Smoky Hill Rd. travels. Because Smoky Hill Rd. ends just shy of Elbert County, where the Huntgate Massacre took place, we feel comfortable assuming that the stories regarding Native American drumming are based on the Huntgate Massacre. In the Shadowlands Index, the report claims that, “an Indian massacre took place there in which settlers killed the men in battle and then returned and killed the women and children of the tribe.” In actuality, however, Indians in the region of Boxelder Creek killed a family of four white settlers named Nathan Ward Huntgate, Ellen Huntgate, and their two daughters, Laura (3 years) and Florence (only 5 months old) on June 11, 1864. The bodies of the victim had been found strewn about the area. The parents and children had been scalped and their throats had been cut. Ellen Huntgate’s body appeared to have been “violated” and she had been stabbed in several places. Nathan Huntgate’s body was badly mutilated (Broome, 2003). The Haunting: Disembodied drumming sounds. A strange ectoplasmic fog and the apparition of a man on a horse. Observations: Resources: Shadowlord (n.d.) Shadowlands Haunted Places Index. Retrieved November 5, 2008 from Broome, J. ((2003). Indian Massacres in Elbert County, Colorado New Information on the 1864 Huntgate and 1868 Dietmann Murders. Retrieved November 5, 2008 from


Third Bridge Colorado

Third Bridge

Third Bridge Colorado drums

3rd bridge

3 people investigate haunted third bridge (sneak peek)


Candace Posted: 04/02/2009
You do hear what sounds like drums, but a local there told us it was from the oil wells.
Shaygurl Posted: 11/04/2009
i've never been to third bridge but like the description thing says, an indian massacre happened. if your a dumb high school student trying to find places to party or somewhere to chill, don't go there. i'm an indian and i know that when you enter some place that has bad spirits its not good. your disturbing them which makes them mad. spirits want to be left alone. but if you do go, DONT touch or take ANYTHING from there because you're then inviting spirits with you. and it sounds like they could possibly haunt you.. im being serious. DO NOT TAKE ANYTHING FROM THIRD BRIGDE. AND DO NOT TOUCH ANYTHING. so ya. hope you people listen.
itznotrokitsyence Posted: 06/03/2010
It has been many years since I've been to the bridge. The drumming could definitely be written off as oil wells and the orbs as dust and flying insects, but the last time I was there I was standing mid bridge and the rest of the group was at the east end. My niece took a picture in my direction and let out a scream. As the flash on her camera went off, her and one of our friends distinctly saw someone standing next to me. I didn't feel a presence, but their reactions tell me otherwise.
madfrog Posted: 08/10/2010
Take smokey hill all they way to powhaton rd. (aka smokeyhill) and go right.. Fallow road around to country club rd (aka smokey hill) and turn left take this road till it turns into a dirt road and you'll see thrid bridge wen you come up over the hill you'll see a sighn that says bridge ahead and you'll a bunch of trees and you;ll know your there yes it is pretty good distances out there.......hope this helps...
seekinshadows Posted: 08/26/2010
Actually, the Hungate Massacre did NOT occur at "third bridge", but nearly 5 miles west of that and the Dietmann murders occured about 10 miles southeast of the "third bridge" area. Check out our research into the true history of the Third Bridge area on
seekinshadows Posted: 08/26/2010
Another note: it wasn't Indians that died in the area, it was a family of ranchers, Nathaniel Hungate, his wife and two children. They were believed to be killed by Indians.

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