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The Haunting of The New Prague
Georgetown, Colorado

Posted by Hauntings Admin on 07/04/2009



The New Prague | Georgetown, Colorado The New Prague | Georgetown, Colorado The New Prague | Georgetown, Colorado The New Prague | Georgetown, Colorado The New Prague | Georgetown, Colorado

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About The New Prague


Located in the heart of Georgetown.

The History:

According to a gentleman we interviewed at the Visitor's Center in town, Roseanne Arnold's husband (not Tom Arnold) used to own the Full Circle Cafe prior to the previous owners and during the time of his ownership, rumors of paranormal activity at this location was abundant. Since the time when he sold the restaurant reports of activity has diminished.

The New Prague serves Czechloslovakian food.

According to the Shadowlands Haunted Places Index, the whole town of Georgetown is haunted, but when we spoke to people at the Visitor's Center in Georgetown as we were passing through, people there couldn't come up with other places in town that were haunted besides The New Prague. The town has a very distinctive Victorian flavor to it and many of the houses there have an architectural style that is often considered to be "creepy", however, it remains to be seen whether or not the whole town is indeed haunted.

The Haunting:

Reports have not specifically identified what kind of paranormal activity has been observed at this location but just rather that there are "ghosts" there.


The New Prague is a restaurant that has changed hands a number of times. It used to be known as the Full Circle Cafe.


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Greg Posted: 10/13/2009
I live here in G-Town. I have never expierienced anything at the Prague (now Mias). It is true to fact that the town has haunting & paranormal activity. From the Red Ram restuarant to it's cemetary. Just come and investigate. Most of the people are friendly and would'nt mind.
crazymom Posted: 08/13/2013
The Red Ram (Name Changed) seems to be haunted. My 18 year old son works there and last week came home saying he was afraid to work the nightshift. He was working when one of the employees sent him downstairs to get tortillas. He started down the stairs to the lower level when an entity screamed very loudly in his ear. He ran back up the stairs. He asked the employees who all testified to the things there. He got mad and went back down the stairs with a stomp and retrieved the tortillas with gritted teeth. It bothered him the rest of the night moving the spoons against the wall and causing the metal table to pop in and out. He said their are spooky goat pictures in the basement dining area. I think it is demonic. I don't believe God allows human ghosts to roam the earth. Other employees complained it moved and broke dishes.

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