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The Haunting of The Captain Bailey House
Brownville, Nebraska

Posted by Hauntings Admin on 07/04/2009



The Captain Bailey House | Brownville, Nebraska
The Captain Bailey House in Brownville, Nebraska
The Captain Bailey House | Brownville, Nebraska

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About The Captain Bailey House

Located 10 minutes west of I-29 on US 136.

The History:

The city of Brownville was established in 1854 by Richard Brown. It boasts the position of being the oldest historic frontier river town in the state of Nebraska.

This house has been moved from it's original location near the Missouri River to it's current position on Main Street in Brownville in 1877. Captain Bailey was a Civil War Captain who occupied the house for many years.

The Haunting:

Brownville residents have reported that doors in the house will not stay closed because Captain Bailey haunts the house. Supposedly, Captain Bailey was poisoned by a jealous neighbor.


If Captain Bailey was indeed poisoned by a jealous neighbor, then it is plausible that there is an energy or entitiy that still "haunts" the house. Or if Captain Bailey was really attached to his property for some reason, it would be plausible that he visits the house or is perhaps bound to the house. Renovations often provoke spiritual/paranormal activity. The house was moved many years ago from its original location, and paranormal incidents may have been provoked by this move, perhaps.

Other related haunts:

There is another location in Nebraska where ghostly visitors are said to roam on account of a poisoning. Stories of poisoning are relatively rare in haunted lore so it seems likely that such an event did occur somewhere in the vicinity of these locations. Old Centennial Hall in Valentine Nebraska is quite a distance away from Brownville, but the story behind the paranormal activity that takes place there is similar. According to local lore, a girl died due to poisoning by a clarinet reed and died of a heart attack as a result. Paranormal phenomena at Centennial Hall is related to this event.

If you're into historically preserved cities where there is plenty of paranormal activity going on like Brownville, Nebraska, consider Virginia City, Montana. Virginia City has a lot to offer including the haunted Bonanza Inn where you can spend the night while taking a Ghost Tour of the other haunts in the city.


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The following is a link to a photo of the Captain Bailey House.

The following is the Brownville Historical Society web site.


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