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The Haunting of Starvation Heights
Olalla, Washington

Posted by Hauntings Admin on 01/25/2011



Starvation Heights | Olalla, Washington
Starvation Heights-The evil Dr. Linda Hazzard
Starvation Heights | Olalla, Washington Starvation Heights | Olalla, Washington Starvation Heights | Olalla, Washington

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About Starvation Heights

Olalla, Washington

Starvation Heights | Wilderness Heights Haunting:

Locals in Olalla, Washington called the location “Starvation Heights”. It was actually called Wilderness Heights and it was supposed to be regarded as a world-class sanitarium. The facility was run by Dr. Linda Burfield Hazzard in the early 1900's. Dr. Hazzard maintained patients at the sanitarium on a “starvation cure” which ultimately killed many of them after they were emaciated for months and unable to leave the facility. Many of them became emaciated and delerious and ultimately signed over their wealth to Dr. Hazzard.

The only thing left of the Wilderness Heights Sanitarium is the cement foundation where the incinerator was located and a few other building foundations. The current owners have built a new home on the property.

Starvation Heights is now a private residence and it is important that you do not trespass on this property. Get permission to visit the location to do an investigation or you will likely be arrested.

Washington State Paranormal Investigations and Research did an investigation of this site a few years ago. They were able to capture some EVP's at this location.


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