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The Haunting of Southern Arkansas University
Magnolia, Arkansas

Posted by Hauntings Admin on 01/28/2011



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About Southern Arkansas University


voodoohaze Posted: 05/31/2011
I graduated from Southern Arkansas University. I can tell you first hand that the whole campus is haunted to some degree. There is a road that starts near the running track and winds through the cow pastures known simply as Farm Road. We used to dare each other to walk down it late at night. One night in particular I remember seeing on top of the show barn what appeared to be a shadowy creature with bat like wings that stood about 4 foot tall or so. This creature looked me in the eye before flying away and reappeared again the second time I passed by the barn. Only this time it seemed scared and vanished quickly. The owner of a local magic shop in Houston said it was some creature from another dimension. I have seen a black entity in the library during normal hours and have been lead through the top floor by an invisible entity. The dorms are pretty active. I have heard all kinds of things. Personally I have watched a glass bottle move from the back half of the mini fridge I had to the front and slam to the ground and shatter. This occurred around 1 or 2 something in the morning. I just happened to wake up when this happened. The greek theater has had some strange happenings as well. Too far out to determine if they are true. The theater has a few stories to go along with it as well. A teacher of mine at the time wanted to document this phenomena on video, but the school would not let him because of the harm that it might do to the schools image. Definitely a place where multiple investigations are warranted.

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