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The Haunting of Sky Way Drive-In Theatre
Schuyler, Nebraska

Posted by Hauntings Admin on 07/04/2009



Sky  Way Drive-In Theatre | Schuyler, Nebraska Sky  Way Drive-In Theatre | Schuyler, Nebraska Sky  Way Drive-In Theatre | Schuyler, Nebraska Sky  Way Drive-In Theatre | Schuyler, Nebraska Sky  Way Drive-In Theatre | Schuyler, Nebraska Sky  Way Drive-In Theatre | Schuyler, Nebraska Sky  Way Drive-In Theatre | Schuyler, Nebraska Sky  Way Drive-In Theatre | Schuyler, Nebraska Sky  Way Drive-In Theatre | Schuyler, Nebraska

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About Sky Way Drive-In Theatre

The History:

The Sky Way Drive-In Theatre is a "Dead" Drive-In Theatre.Schuyler is a small community of about 5,000 residents in Northeastern Nebraska.

It was quite late at night when we finally rolled into Schuyler to take a look-see at the haunts there. It seemed as though there was a very average-looking Nebraskan town on one side of Schuyler's viaduct and a very different looking, much more historical and architecturally ornate-looking town on the other side. We drove through town looking for places to stop and interview locals about their native haunts. We could only find a liquor store that was open at 12:15 AM in this mostly sleepy town. We were initially hesitant about going in. It looked to be a pretty popular little liquor store with quite a few customers going in and out at this late hour on such a cold winter's night.

We pulled into the parking lot and shut the car off and gathered our things. Cars parked, people got out went in. Other people came out with little brown bags and 24 packs of beer and got into their cars and left. This teeny tiny liquor store had quite a business going.

We didn't expect to get much information inside the teeny tiny liquor store, but we were pleasantly surprised. Between customers the owners told us what they could about the well-known haunts in Schuyler, among them the Sky-Way Drive-In.

The Sky-Way Drive-In was quite possibly the creepiest place in Schuyler. The report for this location was so far-out (reports of an etheric black dog with one eye and one leg missing) that we expected our visit to the drive-in to be less than spooky. However, this location did have a particularly electrified feel to it, at least on the night when we visited. For whatever reason, our camera captured a great deal of dust or orbs at this location. Again, we want to emphasize that the night we visited this location it was bitterly cold and very calm.

This location is interesting in that it bears some resemblance to a report we received for Bingham Hill Cemetery in LaPorte, Colorado. At Bingham Hill Cemetery, one young man, named Nature, told us that he and some others in his group saw a large gray wolf with wings. Black dogs are often associated with and/or symbolize death. At any rate, reports of “dog hauntings” are relatively rare and therefore worth noting.

The Haunting:

Paranormal reports include instances of "black dogs roaming around with one eye and one leg missing" purportedly seen out of the corner of one's eyes? The report does not indicate how these dogs are experienced (visually, auditorially, etc.). There have also been reports of poltergeist activity in which items are moved mysteriously from one day to the next.


Live theatres (in which there are live actors) often are host to paranormal events. However, this is an unusual report, with certain elements that seem to indicate that it might be folklore.


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ashley Posted: 08/23/2009
again nothing haunted about it...there is random sandbags laying around that can easily trip you...random barbed wire fencing a nasty smell in the ticket office...but it's from the rodents that died in there.
Sara Posted: 10/15/2009
I live in Schuyler, this place is not hauted, I'm not sure who gave the haunted information...

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