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The Haunting of Scotus Central Catholic High School
Columbus, Nebraska

Posted by Hauntings Admin on 07/04/2009



Scotus Central Catholic High School | Columbus, Nebraska Scotus Central Catholic High School | Columbus, Nebraska Scotus Central Catholic High School | Columbus, Nebraska

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About Scotus Central Catholic High School

The History:

Originally known as the St. Francis Academy, Scotus Central Catholic School is nearly 120 years old. It was established by Fransiscan Sisters.

The Haunting:

The type of paranormal activity that people have experienced here has not been specified, but reports have been made stating that a nun, a young boy, and a student haunt the facility.


There are, according to some reports, said to be tunnels underneath Scotus Central High School. I have not been able to verify this information.

I have also heard reports that the city of Columbus is "built on a cemetery", but I haven't been able to find anything to back up this report either.


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rachel Posted: 10/12/2008
i go to really feels haunted..
Brandon Posted: 01/12/2009
The observations are true.
craig Posted: 01/16/2009
i also attend the grand school and one night after a late night football game i and 8 other players went into the locker room and tried to turn on the lights, i flipped the switch and nothing happened then we heard a loud noise (like cans falling) 4-5 seconds later the lights went on, and nothing was there (8 other player can account for this story)
queze Posted: 02/07/2009
i have acually seen the tunnels and have a friend who was in them
lizzi Posted: 04/17/2009
i've been in the school late at night and it's pretty creepy and the tunnels do have strange sounds coming out of them my boyfriend goes to scoutus and has seen the doors shut
Dowd Posted: 04/22/2009
Yes, there are tunnels my parents house is a block away and they have tunnels too, I have ventured into them along with a lot of friends, I am 2001 Graduate of Scotus, when I went to school there you heard of stories but I never once came across a sighting.
Matt Posted: 06/02/2009
i am an upcoming senior this year at scotus, and i too have been in the tunnels. It was my freshman summer that i was in them. I did not see anything or hear anything while i was in them, but i have had some strange things happen to me while in the school. The stale doors in the bathroom of the boys locker room have a distinct sound to them when you shut them, one day i was walking towards the rest room and i heard them slam closed only to find no one in them when i reached them

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