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The Haunting of San Juan Capistrano Mission
San Juan Capistrano, California

Posted by Hauntings Admin on 01/28/2011



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About San Juan Capistrano Mission


LeeMarieJack Posted: 02/01/2014
Although the mission is best known for the spring return of the well known swallows on March 19th, there is another yearly incident that touches the Mission; The Midnight Mass of Fray Junipero Serra. The Mass is reputed to be celebrated at various California missions, predominately on November 1st every year, a Holy day of Obligation in the Catholic calendar, also known as All Saint's Day. It is followed on November 2nd, known as All Soul's Day. Father Sierra founded the San Juan Capistrano Mission in 1776 and the Mission did so well that an ambitious cruciform stone church was built, the only stone Mission in all of California. But on the morning of December 8, 1812 during an early Sunday mass a terrible earthquake struck. The worshippers were trapped inside the church when the doors jammed and the stone Nave collapsed on them, killing 40 people. One of Father Sierra's Masses may reputedly be heard at this mission at midnight on November 1st every year.

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