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The Haunting of Ramada Inn
Sterling, Colorado

Posted by Hauntings Admin on 07/04/2009



Ramada Inn | Sterling, Colorado Ramada Inn | Sterling, Colorado Ramada Inn | Sterling, Colorado Ramada Inn | Sterling, Colorado

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About Ramada Inn


Located on highway 6.

The History:

According to Shadowlands, someone was shot in room 104 a the hotel. We have not verified whether or not this information is historically accurate.

The Haunting:

Apparitions of the woman who was shot, wearing a bloodstained nightgown have been reported.



Shadowlord (1998). The Shadowlands Haunted Places Index. Retrieved September 2, 2008 from http://theshadowlands/places/colorado.htm


Kelsey Mayfield Posted: 12/19/2008
It's me again and i even doubt it cuz u kno wat if yall dont hve enough info then thats not real
kit Posted: 02/14/2009
the ramada is not haunted it is just a story nobody has ever been shot there
patsy Posted: 08/08/2009
i work at the ramada in and no has been shot out there althow weird stuff dose happen no one hase ever been shot.
drummer Posted: 10/15/2009
i stayed at this hotel in 94 it,s not haunted .when i was on tour i loved the town had alot of fun there rock on.

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