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The Haunting of Private House In College Heights Subdivision
Bellevue, Nebraska

Posted by Hauntings Admin on 07/04/2009



Private House in College Heights Subdivision | Bellevue, Nebraska Private House in College Heights Subdivision | Bellevue, Nebraska

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About Private House in College Heights Subdivision

The History:

We have not been able to track down the exact address of this report in the College Heights Subdivision.

College Heights is a housing subdivision in Sarpy County, Nebraska.

We have not solidly verified whether or not there was an Indian Burial Ground in the College Heights area, however, 2 miles away, on the Bellevue College campus, Chief Big Elk was originally buried and then exhumed to be reburied at Bellevue Cemetery along with fourteen of his braves.

The Haunting:

The owner of a home in the College Heights Housing Area have apparently reported unexplainable noises and events in the house. An apparition has been seen standing at the end of the owner's bed. Objects would fall or be pushed onto the floor while the owner was in a different room.


The College Heights Subdivision is situated right beside an “Indian Burial Ground” or at least a cemetery where the last of the Omaha tribe's chiefs is laid to rest (Chief Big Elk). It is also located within the vicinity of Jewel Park. The report of paranormal activity was specific to a particular private residence (the address was not indicated in the report). The location of the subdivision so near to a cemetery makes the report of paranormal activity interesting to consider.


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YEA!! Posted: 09/03/2009
my friend lives there
The hill knows Posted: 10/03/2009
I can tell you that where college Heights is now, is where it use too be a dump area, they covered with dirt, there was numerous circus on the hill, my parents an others always said dont buy in that area. It has been said you could smell the blood of a few people who disappeared from the circus an growing up an being dared with others late in the evening on the hillside you could smell the dump, then the wind would come up an you could feel like someone was watching you from down below you just never knew what to expect.
ibelieve Posted: 07/12/2010
I was the one that posted comment regarding my house being haunted in College Heights area in Bellevue, NE. (it's been a few years). The house is located at 415 Sullivan Circle (Corner of Sullivan Circle and Bluff Street) which is now occupied by another family. It is Lot 16 Walk-A-Pony Addition (the description by Sarpy County Properties). I still stand my everything I posted, items falling, spirits breezing by, and waking up to spirits coming towards me. The picture shown of the College Heights sign is the opposite enterance (into College Heights) of where my events happened.
bprusty33 Posted: 08/07/2010
Is it the house with all the pine trees in the front yard? Thanks.
HauntedGhoul Posted: 12/04/2010
I walked at that College Heights Park, and I think that place is haunted also. They should do a page about the park of College Heights, because it has been built on a Indian Burial Ground, and is worthy of exploration and investigations.
bprusty1977 Posted: 08/28/2012
how often did the events occur when you lived their?
bprusty1977 Posted: 08/28/2012
how often did events occur while you lived their years ago?

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