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The Haunting of Oxbow Cemetery
Murdock, Nebraska

Posted by Hauntings Admin on 07/04/2009



Oxbow Cemetery | Murdock, Nebraska
Oxbow Cemetery in Murdock, Nebraska
Oxbow Cemetery | Murdock, Nebraska Oxbow Cemetery | Murdock, Nebraska Oxbow Cemetery | Murdock, Nebraska Oxbow Cemetery | Murdock, Nebraska Oxbow Cemetery | Murdock, Nebraska Oxbow Cemetery | Murdock, Nebraska Oxbow Cemetery | Murdock, Nebraska

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About Oxbow Cemetery

The OxBow Cemetery is located near Murdock. It is private property. You must obtain permission to visit this property.

The History:

May Carter was a student at a school that was situated at the top of a hill near the Oxbow Cemetery. A windstorm came up and the teacher evacuated the school. Nearby, May Carter's father was working in the fields.

May was outside during the windstorm, but thought that her brother was still inside the school and ran into the schoolhouse to get him. The school collapsed and she was trapped inside. Her father came and got her out of the school, but May died later that night. May's father buried her at the Oxbow Cemetery. She was the first to be buried there. A number of German people buried their dead here over the years, but after some time had passed, the Germans in the area moved back to New York and exhumed the bodies of their dead relatives to take with them. However, some of the bodies could not be found and so this piece of land has never been farmed.

Currently it is used as a private commercial haunted “forest” during the Halloween season.

The Haunting:

Reports include the sound of children playing out near the road when there are no children there. People living nearby have reported walking past the cemetery and hearing footsteps inside the trees.

Neighbors of the OxBow Cemetery have also observed animals making their way to the cemetery to die (older or sick animals for example).

The Omahaunt group has investigated this site and recorded several significant incidents. One of our investigator's electronic equipment turned on suddenly and unexpectedly during the investigation. It was a frigidly cold night, but despite this, we did record several orbs (which definitely could not have been bugs). There was snow and ice covering the ground as well.


Improper burials (which likely includes exhuming bodies) tend to produce paranormal activity. Cemeteries often are sites associated with paranormal activity.


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In-person Interviews

OmaHaunt investigated this location: View the Omahaunt Investigation footage and photographs.


superGhost Posted: 12/09/2009
This place is really cool... the only wooded area left for miles!
BoDuke Posted: 08/02/2011
me and my friends went there not long after Halloween. that place isnt even scary. in fact...they turned the place into one of those haunted walks that you see going on during halloween for amusement. there are a few original headstones but there was really nothing special about this place.

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