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The Haunting of Omaha South High School
Omaha, Nebraska

Posted by Hauntings Admin on 07/04/2009



Omaha South High School | Omaha, Nebraska
Omaha South High School in Omaha, Nebraska
Omaha South High School | Omaha, Nebraska

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About Omaha South High School

The History:

The Performing Arts area of the building was recently remodeled.

The Haunting:

"Gus", once a janitor for Omaha South High School purportedly died in the "Rat Room" while obtaining provisions for students and faculty during a tornado (or perhasp following a tornado??? were the students and faculty perhaps trapped???). Gus now is reported to be roaming the Performing Arts section of the building, opening doors and leaving lights on. He also blamed for "messing up lines, cues, entrances, etc." during performances.


Schools are often reported as sites of paranormal activity. Interestingly, janitors are very frequently involved in the reports in some way. This report had a few "holes" in that the actual report claims that there was a tornado DRILL and that "Gus" had gone to get provisions (food, supplies, etc.) because he "thought it was going to be awhile". During a tornado DRILL, this would hardly be necessary.


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shawn bryant Posted: 10/15/2008
i go to that school and i have seen him
gus Posted: 10/18/2008
omg u have seen me meet me at the art room in the night
cameron Posted: 10/21/2008
this stuff ain't nothing liers
joshua Posted: 10/30/2008
if Omaha South High is "hanuted"

that may explain why their school's alumni assocation headquarters are miles away from the school they claim to be reprsenting

Omaha South High alumni HQ is near 108th and Q street
Colin Posted: 11/16/2008
Gus and other ghosts do exist. There is no doubting this
carlos vidales Posted: 01/14/2009
dats all bullshit i go there and i never seen shyt....
anonymous Posted: 02/03/2009
molst alumni groups are not located at the schools they represent. Because they are not technically in the school, most likely the president of the assoc lives at that address
ANA Posted: 02/05/2009
this isnt true i went to south i just graduated 08 and i have never seen or heard anything.
Bobby Posted: 03/10/2009
this is sososososo true like omg ive seen him i ran n then he was behined me running with a broom yelling bobby bobby help me am at the rat room. yah it was horrible
Maddy Posted: 03/19/2009
OMG... Well alough i dont go 2 south, but i have heard alot bout gus... Scary huh? Well gus here we come.... I AM THE GHOST HUNTER!!!! And you are gonna die agin, because you r reuning school for students, and that is bull crap!!! GO TO THE AX MURDER HOUSE!!!
Miguel Vizcaino Posted: 04/03/2009
omg do0d yea ive seem him hes sexy ive sucked his
reyna Posted: 04/03/2009
omg niggaz dnt listen to my bro hes jus bein gay tryn to get laid
yolanda Posted: 04/15/2009
this is all true i go two south high school and i seen him wundering around the hallsbut i dont tell nobody because nobody bulleeves me
tori Posted: 04/16/2009
Look ghost i am going to find you hunt you done and suck you up in a vaccum cleaner just lik ghost busters did ya.
Trish Posted: 05/27/2009
Could Gus also be responsible for the strange smoke emanating from the Performing Arts restrooms?
GHMW Posted: 07/01/2009
After reading up on this we have tried to get access on a weeknight in the summer. No luck there but being as I have attended the school in the summer and roamed the hallways after hours even though i live not to far away from the school. I found out that these claims are faulty i have debunked them all and in the case of the lights going on and off by themselves its an old school and has power shorteges.
Anonymous Posted: 07/12/2009
I go to South and have been on the stage and performing arts area a lot.Gus is just like a school superstition for the performing arts students.You are supposed to Gus if he will please not mess you up.All of us performing arts students have a lot of superstitions.Gus is apparently not the only ghost though.If you go down into the catacombs of the school, which you can get through, through the dance studio, go through the boys dressing room and through a door you can get into the catacombs.Its supposed to be really creepy down there with all this weird stuff down there not just the janitor stuff.Apparently a girl drowned or something in the pool or something like that.And a guy supposebly threw himself off the roof after being regected, or through one of the art room windows.
AbbyCat Posted: 08/26/2009
I was walking past it I saw guss staring at me from the window! It was creepy! He had milk like eyes! I ran after that I looked back he was gone! creepiest thing that ever happened to me.
wow Posted: 08/27/2009
Is it me or does everyone that went to south spell like they are still in grade school?
kelsea walker Posted: 09/15/2009
well i also use to go to that school and i have never seen anything
ghostbuster Posted: 10/11/2009
I'll get my team right there.

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