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The Haunting of Old Philadelphia Cemetery
Melbourne, Arkansas

Posted by Hauntings Admin on 01/28/2011



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About Old Philadelphia Cemetery


Willy Ghostly Posted: 04/01/2014
Yes everyone stay far away. I visited Old Philadelphia two summers ago and it scared me so bad i had to visit therapist for two months. First when i got there i got out of my rig, now you'll have to forgive me because my memory is a little fuzzy, when i got out i noticed two eyes staring at me through the window of the church i was never believed in ghost before so i just kicked the door down, i immediately heard a howling noise and a scream. I ignored it thinking it wasn't real so i walked down to the basement to where the old money plate is locked in a box. I shined my light around and two raccoons charged me and i had to stab them with my knife. After i did that i felt a sharp pain in my back and i was immediately threw on my back side and drug all throughout the church by my hair. I was screaming viscously let me go and whatever it was replied No. It let me go in the cemetery in a grave and when i got out of the hole i saw a confederate soldier walking around molesting other spirits..... I got scared and ran to the woods where i had to be recovered by first responders. My truck was never found and ill never be the same.

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