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The Haunting of Old Fort Sidney Commanders Home
Sidney, Nebraska

Posted by Hauntings Admin on 07/04/2009



Old Fort Sidney Commanders Home | Sidney, Nebraska Old Fort Sidney Commanders Home | Sidney, Nebraska Old Fort Sidney Commanders Home | Sidney, Nebraska Old Fort Sidney Commanders Home | Sidney, Nebraska Old Fort Sidney Commanders Home | Sidney, Nebraska Old Fort Sidney Commanders Home | Sidney, Nebraska

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About Old Fort Sidney Commanders Home

Located at 1153 6th Ave. in Sidney, Nebraska.

The History:

From 1869 to 1894, Sidney was the site of the Fort Sidney military post. It was also a site for the Pony Express.

The Old Fort was built in December 1867 as an active military outpost by General C. C. Augur. It remained active until June 1, 1894 to protect the Union Pacific Railroad efforts from Native Americans in the area (Sioux, Cheyenne, and Arapahoe tribes) who fought to protect their territory. There are 3 structures that are still standing at this fort: the 1871 Commanding Officers' Quarters, the 1872 Magazine, and the 1884 Officers' Quarters. The Cheyenne County Historical Society currently maintains these buildings.

In 1885, an officer's wife was doing laundry and fell down the stairs, breaking her neck. The officer then ordered the stairs be blocked off.

The Haunting:

In the 1930's reports began to be made by visitors and residents that there were sounds of something falling coming from inside the walls. In 1975, the pantry was discovered. It had been walled up for 90 years. People still to this day report hearing footsteps and other sounds when no one else is present in the building.


Because someone died at this location, the reports of paranormal events is plausible. Indeed, her death on the stairs is interesting because stairwells are considered to be 'tween (or between places...neither here nor there) spaces according to occult literature. 'Tween places are host to special energies that can provoke or at least make communication "beyond the veil" more accessible.

Other Related Haunts:

If stairwells, especially hidden ones are interesting to you, take a look at the Brantley House in Helena, MT. This location had a hidden stairwell behind a false wall in a closet upstairs where the ghostly presence of Judge Brantley paces sometimes at night.

The Old Officer's Quarters in Fort Laramie, Wyoming nearby are also host to paranormal activity of a different sort. Strange light phenomena and apparitions are sometimes reported at this location.


Nebraska Outback visited this site and took photos of the bulding and the staircase. Visit to see the photos.

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Don Posted: 07/13/2008
I was just looking for information on the fort Sidney officers quarters ghost. I wanted to know if anyone else has ever seen or heard anything strange there. When I was about 15 years old, me and a friend worked there in the summer of 77 or 78 can't really recall....we were helping to restore the inside. Steve and I were the only ones there during the lunch hour, we had a little wallpaper scrapping to finish in a room just at the top of the stairs. I was standing in the doorway, really, looking down the stairs when something came running up the stairs at me, then by me, and down the maid stairs...........if a real person ran by me they would almost hit me.....this wasn't floor creaking , something was running hard. We both went different directions but never found anything...

I was just courious after all these years if anything else ever has happened there.

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