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The Haunting of O'Hanlon House
Omaha, Nebraska

Posted by Hauntings Admin on 07/04/2009



OHanlon House | Omaha, Nebraska OHanlon House | Omaha, Nebraska

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About O'Hanlon House

Omaha, Nebraska

The O'Hanlon House Information:

The O'Hanlon House is currently owned and utilized by A.R.C.H. Halfway House. The A.R.C.H. Halfway House is for men who are recovering from alcoholism. Visiting this location without permission is called trespassing, which is illegal. Get permission to visit this location to do any sort of investigation.

The O'Hanlon House Haunting:

The O'Hanlon House is a private residence located in the Omaha Heights area of Omaha, Nebraska.

John and Bridget O'Hanlon complained about a rapping sound at their door that grew worse over time. Whenever they would go to see who is was that was knocking, no one was there. Eventually, the knocking sound broke the door open. Sounds of disembodied footsteps reverberated through the house. Soon after, sounds of screaming and moaning came from their basement cellar. Objects started to move by themselves. Dishes flew out of the cupboards and chairs moved across the room.

According to one source, a human skeleton had been discovered in the basement of the O'Hanlon House. The skeleton supposedly belonged to a peddler who had been murdered there and his body hidden in the cellar.


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bprusty33 Posted: 08/07/2010
Does anyone know where this house is located in Omaha? Your help would greatly be appreciated.
bprusty33 Posted: 08/14/2010
nevermind I know where its located now.....if anyone wants to know please leave an email address......
superGhost Posted: 08/14/2010
hey bprusty33... can you send anything you know about this haunt to ? thanks!!
bprusty33 Posted: 08/16/2010
sent you an email bro.....get back to me when you get a chance.....thanks :)
bprusty33 Posted: 08/17/2010
house is currently on the market....if someone does not buy this house by the year 2011 there going to make it a historical site.....

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