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The Haunting of Newnansville Cemetery
Alachua, Florida

Posted by Hauntings Admin on 01/28/2011



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About Newnansville Cemetery


rsmitchell3 Posted: 10/11/2015
I am fascinated by the legitimate study and research of the paranormal. Paranormal is a blanket word that covers many different areas from psychic abilities to hauntings to Aliens and whatever else one can imagine that lies outside of the normal scientific community. I am an IT Professional and have been working in my field for 20 years or so. I am also a native of Gainesville, Florida. Throughout my life, to help create retirement funds, I have worked part-time stockman (off and on for a total of 13 years)for Publix Supermarkets. While working at Publix, I heard some of the younger college aged employees talking about Newnansville being haunted, and wanting to visit the location at dusk. I was a little surprised to hear about a location than I am intimately knowledgeable about being haunted. Newnansville Cemetery is definitely old enough to have the history typical of many other haunted areas. Many families who have been in the Alachua area for generations have gravestones marking the burial place of loved ones back to the 1800's. Names like a Hague, a township that disappeared along with Newnansville when the rail-roads redistributed the population of Alachua County to what is now Gainesville and Alachua. What caught me off guard when hearing of ghost sightings at the cemetery is the number of relatives that I have known that are buried there. The markers of Dixon, Huggins, Phillips, and Mitchell are among the many family members who now populate Newnansville. Most important to me are the graves of my two younger brothers Michael and Chris Mitchell who both died much too young for me. We shared many common interests, good times, blood, and friendship. I frequently visit them on a whim, and have been out to Newnansville from early morning to well after dark. Perhaps the fact that I really don't wander the older areas of the graveyard can account for me never having witnessed ghostly figures. Perhaps my mind is haunted by the loss of my siblings and memories of shared times that will never be repeated have encompassed my complete attention. I can't and won't dispute what others have seen. In a way I am jealous and hope that on some visit I might see something. The cemetery definitely has the history, culture, and age associated with other reported haunted graveyards. My familiarity and intimacy with Newnansville have filtered how I approach my visits and time there. If anyone catches images on camera or video, or audio from recorders, please share those here. I would love to see Newnansville from the same perspective that I view the old graveyards of St. Augustine, Florida and Savannah Georgia. I'll carry a camera with me when I visit again and if I catch any possible evidence, I will share it as well. Given the sense of humor that my brothers had in life, I wouldn't be surprised to hear of ghostly pranks on local teenagers and young adults who visit the graveyard after dark in hopes of a ghostly thrill or glimpse of the afterlife.

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