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The Haunting of Mystery Manor
Omaha, Nebraska

Posted by Hauntings Admin on 07/04/2009



Mystery Manor | Omaha, Nebraska
Front upclose at Mystery Manor
Mystery Manor | Omaha, Nebraska Mystery Manor | Omaha, Nebraska

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About Mystery Manor

Mystery Manor is a commercial haunted house located at 18th and Burt, near Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska.

The History:

Mystery Manor is a labyrinth of corridors and small rooms on the inside. It was purportedly a house of "ill-repute" in the past. When the house was purchased by the present owner, there were homeless people living in it and it was full of beer bottles and trash.

The Haunting:

The present owner witnessed an object being thrown by an unseen "visitor" in one of the lower rooms in the building. Others have reported seeing an apparition of a lady in a blue dress. The staff are familiar with the haunting and accept it as a normal feature of working at Mystery Manor.


On a visit to Mystery Manor when it was not in operation, revealed a fairly eerie environment, particularly in the downstairs rooms. The dark history of this location makes it plausible that the location is indeed haunted. The owner of the establishment recognizes that there is paranormal activity in the building.

Other Related Haunts:

Converting an existing "real" haunted location into a commerical one is fairly common. Another haunted location in Nebraska that also functions as a commercial haunt is Cornstalk Harvest Festival in Grant, Nebraska.


Visit this link to see P.R.I.S.M's work at this location


Mystery Manor video-H.264 LAN


Jenn Posted: 07/13/2008
I've been in Mystery Manor and it is creepy! Besides all the people dressed up in costume, there's other stuff going on there too. Once, on my way through, I felt something on my back and turned around and no one was there.

I've heard that there are real ghosts at Mystery Manor. I totally believe it!

shawn bryant Posted: 10/15/2008
i have been to mystery manor ever year and last year after halloeween my and my mom took a picture and there was a face in the upstairs window i will always go to mistory manor thats way my first hunted house and i hope it never closes down and william hall is still roaming the halls
Aaron( Spirit Walker Ryuu) Posted: 10/22/2008
I heard that mostly employees and patrol see paranormal eactivity. I don't hear it happening much for visitors. but its good to know visitors have seen supernatural activity as well. Ball cemetary seems to active right now. I've overheard people talking about what they have found there.
Nightwatchers Omaha Posted: 11/04/2008
If you want to go on an overnight tour of Mystery Manor email go to ... should be fun
Nightwatchers Omaha Posted: 11/04/2008
If you want to go on an overnight tour of Mystery Manor email go to ... should be fun
vanessa Posted: 12/15/2008
i have never been to mystery manor but it sounds so creepy and scary[.i have never been inside a haunted but i always wanted to go into one.
amanda Posted: 12/26/2008
i go to mystery manor every year and have never had any paranormal activity. although it could totally be true. mystery manor will always be my favorite haunted house and i've heard recently that creighton bought and will demolish it :(
Brittany Posted: 01/05/2009
My parents both used to work at Mystery Manor. They were there when they first brought a psychic in. They were also there when they found the body buried in the basement(don't know why that wasn't mentioned). I can't remember exactly, but I think they were just doing some work down there to make it a part of the haunted house, and someone's shovel hit bones. My dad had his own room in the manor (he was the vampire) and a lot of times he felt "creepy crap". My mother didn't notice as much, but she was almost always around other people(she was the ghost bride).
Nightwatchers Omaha Posted: 02/02/2009
We recently conducted our second overnight investigation at Mystery Manor. It was an awesome night. Please check out our site www.
and read about our experiences, hear the EVPS we caught, and watch a short video. This was a very active night and we hope to return soon. The staff at Mystery Manor is the BEST!
your name/ Joe* Posted: 07/01/2009
I have worked there since the year 2000 and I have seen my fair share of expriences here. I have worked on all levels of this house and my mother use to live here when they where apts. On the top level in the room located right in the center of the house there is a little boy that runs around and will take stuff animals or props and place them else where. In the 1st level/ Main level there is a dark shadow that does roam the halls. It has been reported as "Gate Keep" some things you should look into. Bless Be Joe
kelsea walker Posted: 09/15/2009
i have bien there before i have only went twice the first time that i ever went i never wanted to go back because no matter what room i was in some one or something kepp following me and every time that i would turn and look no one would be there i told the manager about it and he told me the most horifing story ever and i was only teen at the time i am 17 now and just went last year and the same thing happend only this time some one or something pushed me and called my name but i went bye my self so no one else new my name and as i was going down the slide something thing held me there on that slide that night and i couldnt move it felt like some one was sitting on top off me!!!!! there it is and that is my story about mystery manor...
samantha flatt Posted: 09/19/2009
well yeah i have delt with ghosts before cus of my house and the people in my family who are dead. Ive seen and felt ghost before and im pretty use to it.. so i probably didnt feel or see nothing because i probably thought they were real people and i dnt think they would have done anything to me cus they probably know i wouldnt get scared or nothing like that.. i have an interest in ghost and they surprise me in way ive never know before and the places they are in too..
T.A.P.S#1 FAN Posted: 09/28/2009
I've been here about 4 times and all those times i saw paranoral activiy.first i saw a lady by the wall i was 7 so i thought i was just seeing things.Then i was something touched my arm like it was a calm soft touch.Then I went with my friend and my mom we were walking in then i saw a face like a little boy i felt bad energy touch my arm it hurt!!!Now im ten and i saw a man and a lady next to the people i was behind!!!And u can feel when a ghost uses your energy u kind of feel what they feel.(OR GOOSEBUMPS) -Kierra 10 years old.
HauntedGhoul Posted: 12/05/2010
They like to have alot of parties at this place on Halloween, because when I drove by it was full of strobe lights, and a long line of people waiting right outside. Some people think this location isn't really haunted, and is just for fun. but for real it's haunted by women in dresses!
HEED Posted: 12/14/2010
Whenever I come into contact with spirits I feel drained and nauseous!
HauntedGhoul Posted: 12/19/2010
That is because spirits are draining your energy, trying to communicate with you.

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