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The Haunting of Mars Hill Church
Ottumwa, Iowa

Posted by Hauntings Admin on 05/19/2011



Mars Hill Church | Ottumwa, Iowa Mars Hill Church | Ottumwa, Iowa

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About Mars Hill Church

Ottumwa, Iowa

Mars Hill Church Location:

The Mars Hill Church is located seven miles southeast of Ottumwa, Iowa on a forested ridge near the Des Moines River. Just down the road is Cry Baby Bridge.

Mars Hill Church Information:

The Mars Hill Church is the only hand-hewn log structures still standing in Iowa. It was built in 1856. The gravel road that passes in front of Mars Hill Church is the dividing line between Wapello and Davis Counties. The road was once one of the main thoroughfares through south central Iowa. Mars Hill Church was added to the State of Iowa Register of Historic Places on September 13, 1974.

A document sent to the National Park Service proclaimed that local tradition has it that the Mars Hill Church was used as a hiding place during the Civil War as part of the Underground Railroad.

Ghosts and the Paranormal at Mars Hill Church in Davis County, Iowa:

Visitors to the Mars Hill Church report strong feelings of uneasiness or feelings of being watched insid the abandoned buildings.

Some sources claim that there is evidence in the old building of black rituals that have taken place there.

Other Related Haunts:

Just down the road from Mars Hill Church is Cry Baby Bridge where a woman is said to have thrown her baby into the river after having it baptized at the church.


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Mars Hill Church

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