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The Haunting of Lynch Park
Omaha, Nebraska

Posted by Hauntings Admin on 07/04/2009



Lynch Park | Omaha, Nebraska
Lynch Park in Omaha, Nebraska
Lynch Park | Omaha, Nebraska Lynch Park | Omaha, Nebraska Lynch Park | Omaha, Nebraska Lynch Park | Omaha, Nebraska Lynch Park | Omaha, Nebraska Lynch Park | Omaha, Nebraska Lynch Park | Omaha, Nebraska Lynch Park | Omaha, Nebraska Lynch Park | Omaha, Nebraska Lynch Park | Omaha, Nebraska Lynch Park | Omaha, Nebraska

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About Lynch Park

Lynch Park is located at 2200 S. 21st St. in Omaha, Nebraska, right next to the Michelin Retread Technologies factory and a water purification station.

The History:

Lynch Park is relatively small. There is some gang graffiti in the park.

We do not yet have the history on this location.


People have reported hearing footsteps when there is no one nearby as well as the sound of a baby crying.


Lynch Park is very close to a water purification station. Running water can have an effect on paranormal activity at a location.


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cindy Posted: 04/15/2009
i dont think that all that is true they just probably think that they will get moy for that but i really dont think that this is true ive bin in linch park a lot of times and never seen or herd something
Trish Posted: 05/27/2009
sound of babies crying in a park? I have three words for you: cats in heat.
Head Paranormal Investigator, Josh Posted: 06/21/2009
guys dont make fun of the paranormal sprits. they r ppl just like us and its not their fault they died. accually alot of spirits can be quite friendly. There has been report of friendly ghosts just read the on about the white house appartments. there is an example lol.
The Leprechan Posted: 07/05/2009
There used to be a cave in the park where the street gang Dealers of death 13 used to hang out and sometimes fight the South Omaha Scorpions. There is a trail on top of the park that leads to steep cliffs and railroad tracks. They say if your on top of the hill at night and you're looking toward the old railroad tracks you can see a ghost train and hear it, and if you hear the whistle three times you will surely die. They say you can hear a ghost of dead train passengers running and crying for help through the park.
jim Posted: 08/27/2009
I was cutting threw the park to get to 20,th St. It was about 12:30 it was dark as hell I started to hear footsteps behind me I looked back and didn't see anything, so I started to run and I was turning the corner to the baseball field and right in front of me was some white misting figure. I couldn't believe my eyes. I instantly turned the direction I was coming from and started to run that way. At that point I started to hear cries and moans. I thought, Is someone fucking with me? Is this some kind of practical joke or something? I looked around and saw no sign of any cars in the lot, or any people. I looked one last time as I ran out of the park and hit the main street. All I seen was pitch black darkness. I went home and never told anyone about it until now. I'v never been back there since, at least not at night.
Roger Posted: 08/27/2009
Just some history, The cave in lynch park was dug in the sixties by some nieghborhood kids. In the mid-seventies after one of them had returned from vietnam he had shown me and my brother where the cave used to be located so we spent that summer uncovering the cave including the back room and carving the stairs up to it. This was actually several years before it was a park. For quite a number of years after that it was the party cave. As a kid growing up in the area I spent many nights around the cave, the trail along the cliff and playing on the railroad tracks. I wish I could add to the stories but in all that time I never saw anything even remotely paranormal around there.
Marty Posted: 09/20/2009
Me and my girlfriend were really bored one night, so we saw on the website this haunted park. It was about two in the morning and we couldn't sleep, so we figured why not. We got into our car and drove to the park, and then we got out and started exploring. The park didn't seem to be anything special, it didn't even seem to be very big. We made our way to the back of some old baseball field and sat down. We sat down on the bleechers, and started kissing. Just when things got hot and heavy, it started to get very cold for no apparant reason and we looked up and noticed that the lights in the park started to slowly dim. Then all at once it was totally dark. We started to hear loud noises that sounded like a passing train. I kind of tried to laugh the situation off, but it seemed as I laughed the noises seemed to grow closer and closer, so we decided to make a break for the car. As we were going to the car it sounded like people were right behind us. As we got into the car, I started it in a panic. My girlfriend was crying and screaming. We should have never came here. This place is evil, so if you are ever bored at night don't go there, you won't like what you find. I know I didn't.
History Posted: 09/30/2009
In 1879, this sight was believed to be the sight of a terrible train crash where the train was believed to be going to fast and the tracks were poorly constructed. According to the article, the train apparantly separated from the tracks and rolled several times. It's believed that 87 passangers lost their life that day.
Dillon Posted: 10/24/2009
I have been to lynch and i was walking up a hill to investegate a suicide site because of my own curiosity then it got cold and then i felt something push me. I fell strait on my knee. True story and I will never ever go back there again not even for a billion dollars
Jessie Posted: 10/24/2009
when i went to lynch i saw a baby and i little boy and girl and i was pushed down a hill i always here a cabin door opening and closing and the smell of dead bodys is so overbearing its so fukin scary
Myranda Posted: 10/24/2009
Whenever I go to Lynch, I feel like an evil prescence just when you get close enough to the park to see it. Also where the supposed cave was you can smell a disgusting raw smell, as Jessie said like dead bodies. It is enough to scare you ridiciously. Um, also you can sometimes catch glimpses of a little girl sitting on the bluffs drawing, whatever she sees. It's FUCKING scary.
jessie Posted: 10/24/2009
when i go to lynch i feel someone evil. in the summer when i went it was really hot but when we went in to the park it was so cold and there was blood on the trees and they put fake grass in there but think why would you need to put fake grass in a forest and forest can grow there own grass so i think there trying to cover up something and were the fake grass is the smell of dead bodys is and i seen two caves and the smell of dead bodys is were the caves are and you can here a baby crying when you walk through it.
Jacob Posted: 10/24/2009
Fuck Lynch! It's all 'bout Hummel!!!
Sarah Posted: 10/24/2009
hi i got bitten at Lynch it hurt itz scary and i heaR VOICES
Suicide Posted: 10/26/2009
Those who take their own lives have always been regarded with disapproval by most religions, and this is reflected in the superstitions concerning them. It is widely believed that the souls of suicides will know no rest and that they are rather confusingly supposed to be restricted to the vicinity in which they died. To keep the ghosts of suicides from returning to their homes, many communities over the centuries have insisted that they are buried not in holy ground but at such locations as crossroads, in which case their spirits will not know which way to go, or under running water; or else that they should be physically pinned down by driving a stake through their corpses. Others maintain that the bodies of suicides will be rejected by water and will not sink. Other superstions include the notion that pregnant woman who is careless enough to walk over a suicide's grave will suffer a miscarriage.
Walpurgis Night Posted: 10/26/2009
The evening of April 30,traditionally supposed to be one of the two nights in the year given over to the forces of evil(the other being Halloween)' Among practitioners of witchcraft, this is thought to be one of the most auspiciors times of the year for casting spells and holding sabbaths. Perhaps the most famous of these gatherings is the traditional meeting of German witches that is supposed to take place on the Brocken peak of the Lynch park every year.
joe Posted: 10/26/2009
my cousin took to me to the park to show me some tunnels that ran under the whole park. We went through a hole in the fence and went down some brick stairs in to some dirt tunnel and walked around for a long time and got lost it was crazy. We saw some sign that said libray of hell.
NOSFERATU Posted: 10/31/2009
Im; in the park to night waiting for my fist mysterious stranger to show up the VAMPYRE;S ARE WAITING ;and need your blood. GIVE YOUR LIFE FOR US/
Coincidencecnces of Death Posted: 11/17/2009
Just as you,re thinking about a friend,the phone rings.It,s that same friend calling you. You click on youre radio as humming your favorite song and hear the same tune being played.You walk into a strange room and get the spooky feeling you,ve been there before.Then you realize yousaw the room last nigght, in a dream.
HauntedGhoul Posted: 12/05/2010
We decided not to investigate this location at night-time due to the neighborhood being a bad place to be at night.

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