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The Haunting of Lindberg Road
Anderson, Indiana

Posted by Hauntings Admin on 09/28/2012



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About Lindberg Road


Anderson, Indiana:

Anderson, Indiana is in the central portion of the state with just under 60,000 residents. It is located in Madison County, Indiana.

Lindberg Road Location:

This road is located near Alex Pike in Anderson, Indiana.

Lindberg Road Haunted House:

The haunted house on Lindberg Road in Anderson, Indiana has a roof and floors that are caving in. Be careful if you decide to investigate this house, which is likely condemned. People have reported hearing strange hissing sounds coming from inside. According to some locals in Anderson, the house caught on fire and a young boy perished in the fire while the rest of the family escaped. The body of the boy was never found according to local lore.

The ghost of the boy has been seen in the house as well as objects moving. The ghostly image of a chandelier has been reported hanging near what’s left of the ceiling. Other objects that are still in the house are said to move on their own. Pictures of the family have been “drawn” in the ashes when the wind blows into the house.

Other Related Haunts:

Check out other haunted location in  Anderson, Indiana including the Cry Baby Bridge in Anderson or the Cry Baby Bridge in Pendleton. Down the road from the Cry Baby Bridge in Anderson is the Main Street Graveyard. Other haunted locations in the city include the Gruenwald Historic House.

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