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The Haunting of Kost Kutters | Fantastic Sam's
Gillette, Wyoming

Posted by Hauntings Admin on 07/04/2009



Kost Kutters | Fantastic Sams | Gillette, Wyoming Kost Kutters | Fantastic Sams | Gillette, Wyoming Kost Kutters | Fantastic Sams | Gillette, Wyoming Kost Kutters | Fantastic Sams | Gillette, Wyoming Kost Kutters | Fantastic Sams | Gillette, Wyoming

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About Kost Kutters | Fantastic Sam's


Gillette is situated between the Black Hills in South Dakota and the Big Horn Mountains in its home state. It is home to approximately 20,000 residents.

Gillette is well-known for it's coal, which supplies almost 30 percent of the nations coal for the generation of electricity. As such, it is known to some as the “Energy Capital of the Nation”.

This is a city that is all about business. Frank Murray, Robert Durley, George Durley, and Charles T. Weir filed homestead claims in Rockpile Draw near the location of present-day Gillette. The railroad passed through Rockpile Draw and so these early homesteads were bought up and used by the railroad. The land now known as Gillette was initially owned and planned by the local livestock company. In August of 1891, the railroad officially arrived in Gillete, which caused it to grow and stabilized its economy. The city was named after Edward Gillette because his shrewd surveying skills saved the railroad some cash.

The Fantastic Sam's is located in a steel building. Indeed, the entire business district of Gillette is made up of steel buildings with little facades to make each one look slightly different from the other steel buildings next door and across the street (architecturally similar to most of the buildings found throughout the Midwest).

Paranormal Reports:

Reports of disembodied footsteps and other strange sounds. Items move without explanation.


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