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The Haunting of John Rice Library
Bellevue, Nebraska

Posted by Hauntings Admin on 07/04/2009



John Rice Library | Bellevue, Nebraska John Rice Library | Bellevue, Nebraska

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About John Rice Library

The John Rice Library is located at 1003 Lincoln Rd. in Bellevue, Nebraska. It is also referred to as the Bellevue Public Library.

The History:

The library was started in 1929 by the Bellevue Junior Women's Club, but was relocated 5 times before finally finding it's home at it's current address in 1975. The library was originally located at the J.C. Larson residence on East 20th Street. In 1930, it was relocated to the south wing of the Presbyterian Church and then later that year relocated AGAIN to the county courthouse. In 1938, it was moved to the stucco building at Washington Park, but from 1961 to 1975, the red brick building at the park was the libary's home.

The Haunting:
Ghosts of an old man and a ten year old girl with large round glasses apparently haunt the library. The old man is often seen crouching down over books, while the girl is often seen out of the corner of the eye.

Employees have reported being “poked” when there is no one nearby to explain the sensation.


The Bellevue Public Library is a moderately sized library that sits along a fairly busy street. The architecture of the building has a strong 1970's flavor to it. There are few if any windows to the outside in the library.

When we went into the library, it was during the normal hours of operation and there was nothing eerie about the location to us at that time, however it was fairly busy and there were a number of people in the library too. During our short visit to the library, we noted that it seems to be frequented by teens, probably from nearby Bellevue East High School.

Libraries are common places reported to harbor paranormal activity. It seems that library hauntings tend to actually involve entities with some recognizable features, however, I may be selectively perceiving this information. I have not thoroughly analyzed library hauntings to see if this observation really holds true.


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Visit the library website to get directions and contact information.


Belle Posted: 10/10/2009
This place is so creepy. I won't go tehre- I buy my own books. I donate the support the library, but too many creepy, erie vibes for me to be a patron (sorry BPL). The previous library in Washington Park (little brick building) I swear is haunted too! Prior to that the library was in a house on Franklin and 18th (just a couple blocks away). The house is over 100 years old!
HauntedGhoul Posted: 12/05/2010
I took a picture of this place and put it on here. Look at the picture, and you can see an orb outside the Library Building.

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