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The Haunting of Hummel Park
Omaha, Nebraska

Posted by Hauntings Admin on 07/04/2009



Hummel Park | Omaha, Nebraska
Try this again sorry Brian walking up Devil's Stairs with Orbs.
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About Hummel Park

Pre-investigation- February 15, 2008 at 6:00 PM.

The History:

Hummel Park is a rolling heavily treed park located North of Omaha off Exit 13 on the Missouri River.

This is a potentially dangerous location to do an investigation because of the gang activity.

This location has a dark history. It was once a fur trading post run by Jean Pierre Cabanne in 1823. Purportedly it wass a Native American burial ground. Currently, it seems to be a hang-out for local gangs.

The park spreads across 200 acres.

Devil's Slide is located on the far eastern edge of the park. This is the site of numerous suicides.

It is rumored that local racist lynch mobs hung a number of black men and women from the trees in this park in the early 1900's.

In 1983, a prostitute was murdered after being sexually assaulted in the park. She was beaten to death by a tree limb and a bat. Her body was later discovered in a ditch in a heavily wooded area of the park.

In 1992, 15 year old Jeremy Drake was murdered at Hummel Park.

A 12 year old girl, Amber Marie Harris, disappeared near the park on November 29, 2005. On February 14, 2006, her backpack was found in the park. Her skeletal remains were later discovered in the park in May of 2006.

The Haunting:

There is a high level of paranormal activity at this park.

Trees bow over the road that leads into the park.

“Morphing Stairs” are an intriguing feature of this location. There are stairs in the park that lead to an area that has been recently used in rituals of black magic. Each time a person ascends or descends on these stairs, the number of stairs will change, according to reports.


There is a river running through the park. Rivers tend to be associated with spiritual activity.

There is a gigantic electrical transformer located nearby. There is also a radio tranmitter tower at the edge of the park.

There was definitely a "heavy" feeling that became apparent as soon as we entered the park. We both felt hurried to "get out" before the sun set completely.


Shadowlands Haunted Places Index

P.R.I.S.M. has done a number of investigations at Hummel Park. Visit to learn more.


A Video Explanation of the Events at Hummel Park 2

hummel park scare

A Video Explanation of the Events at Hummel Park 1

PRISM: NBC WOWT News (Hummel Park, Omaha, NE)

hummel park


Bill Valley Posted: 10/28/2008
Really? I have spent several hours in this park during the day and at night and never experienced anything. Plus, highly doubtful that "lynch mobs" hung anyone in the park. There is no record of that kind of activity in Omaha.
Posted: 11/02/2008
Posted: 11/06/2008
alot of the things said is somewhat true, the thing i have against what you said is that you didnt say the name of the "morphing" stairs, they are called "Devil Stairs" and i have gone up and down them many times, and when counting the stairs if you get a significant number difference, like for instance i counted them once going down and i got 195 and when i was goign back up i got 210, exactly a month after this i was in a car accident with all the friends i went there with that day. you also didnt mention the mantion hat the albinoes live in. ive gone up and down "devil's slide" and the stairs, and i've been to the alter. one june 6 of 2006 a group of my friends and i went there and it was the creapiest thing we had ever experianced
Amanda P Posted: 11/12/2008
I myself have been up and the stairs many times, and for some reason I never count the same number(going up or doming down I never counted any where near 195 just wanted to correct the last comment). Maybe it's due the amount of stairs there are(kinda hard to keep track). As far as the albinos go that is nothing but a MYTH!!! My older sister lived in Ponca Hills for almost 10 years, her back yard lead into Hummel Park. We visited the park many, many, many, times and never once did we come acrsss an albino.
shania Posted: 11/15/2008
i heard albinoe's live over there.once when i went there with my friend dillion we were going up the stairs and first i counted 115 then i counted was freaki'n CREEEEPY!!!!
vanessa Posted: 11/15/2008
stop saing that albinoe's don't live there. if you are saying you went to hummel park alot of times and never came across one does not mean they aren't real because you do not know if they exsist and if you haven't seen one maybe they are in their house.i'm just saing this to the people who haven't seen an albinoe and say that they are a myth.
ANA Posted: 02/05/2009
its just a creepy place that people either go get drunk at or leave dead people there.. i do believe there use to be hangings there but whats dead is dead .. kant come back to life. be scard of the ones that are living...those are the ones that cud actually hurt u.
Anonymous Posted: 02/09/2009
Whatever...Want to make correction regarder Amber Harris. She did not disappear near the park. She was taken four block from her home which is not near the park and her book bag was found not far from where she was taken in an old trash barrel behind a drug house!
anonymous Posted: 03/06/2009
one time i went to hummel park and someone stole my wallet. it was a ghost. i know this because he called me a skank when he took my wallet. it was friggin creepy. then i went down the devil's stairs and i counted 187 and then coming up i counted 187! it was so scary!!!!
anonymous Posted: 03/06/2009
p.s albinos are real.
valeriey Posted: 03/09/2009
umm i don't think people should be making fun of albinoes. they're people too. just like all of us.
albino Posted: 03/31/2009
i live there, next time i see any of u people driving around at night i will be sure to either reach in and grab u and rip you out of ur car and eat ur face or i will fucking jump on ur car bust out ur window and fucking make u wish u were already dead or u will be driving in the park and all of a sudden u will get a flat u will then pull off and sit there scared to get out i will be watching you then u will have to get out to fix it i will wait till the right moment and come from behing u grab u take u into the woods and making sure to keep you alive make you unmobile then i will go back and grab ur friends then eveyone will watch as ur friends suffer in the pain of me ripping off each and every body part you have WE WILL BE SEEING YOU SOON!!
Jim Posted: 04/02/2009
Whatever. A Real albino wouldn't come on here and threaten people they'd just do it.
Brandon Posted: 04/17/2009
Why not bring some sidewalk chalk and write markings on the stairs since everyone seems incapable of counting. To the person who got in the car accident, maybe your lack of ability to count and the possibility that you hang out with the same group of friends frequently is the reason you had a car accident with the same group of people you visited the park with.

I'll bet everyone $100 I can trip on shrooms while camping out in the most haunted spot in the park while screaming at the ghosts to kick me in the balls and I guarantee absolutely nothing will happen. Unless of course I get mugged or murdered because of the gang activity.
Jake Posted: 04/20/2009
The whole albino thing is a crock of shit. i been there and never seen one. the only fear i'd have is the gang activity and b.t.w. Albino or whoever you are try to jump on my car i'll run your ass over.
Olivia Posted: 04/27/2009
I have been there and the stairs are mostly broken if you have noticed. Go there during the day and you will see. That it what will miss you up at counting at night. And that they are so old they are off and crooked to. So no the stairs are all there and they count the same up and down. So nothing has happend when i went. Nothing to be scared about. And the albino thing no such thing did not see no damn albinos. So nothing to worry about people please.
hichgo Posted: 05/02/2009
ive been to hummel park at night time a lot and their is ghost up there.i was walking with my nefu, and the next thing we notice was a ghost right in front of us, we was soooooo shock we couldn't move a finger.the ghost said"Be gone,fore you wiil die too like me."see im only 9 when i went don't go there!!!!!!!
wow Posted: 05/19/2009
its NEPHEW. dumb shit. i most certainly believe your story after that lovely display of intelligence.
Anonymous Posted: 05/25/2009
I was there Saturday afternoon about 5 p.m. I too felt the 'heavy' feeling in the pit of my stomach as we drove in. I had not heard much of the stories at all about Hummel Park, have lived in Omaha 10 years and did know about the bodies found there (Amber Harris and one about 5 or 6 years ago). That was it, but I did get this indescribable sick heavy feeling in my stomach. We went up to the top and walked the rest of the way in because the gate was closed. Just a creepy feeling. As we left, the oddest thing happened. We were walking on that stone trail back to the gate and right there on the path was a part of what appeared to be a deer's hoof was lying right on the trail. It was the hoof up past the first joint. it had a clean cut on it and the bone was broken. It was 'fresh' in that it had all the fur and yet, no open blood from it. The clean cut part is what got me. I am not lying about this and it has been freaking me out all weekend. No evidence of any other part of the animal around.
Anonymous Posted: 06/19/2009
Ive been up there plenty of times, I believe it is haunted. I have photo's which I might post up. You get an eerie feeling when you enter the park, not a wow this is dark and scary like a woah this is a sad place. Alot of deaths happened there. I'm still trying to find out who all those people were. The photo I got I really cant say if it was real or not but It looks like a girl around 12-14 in a choir robe. I'll post it up so you all can see.
OmaHaunt Posted: 06/19/2009
Thanks for the photo! It really does look like a little girl!!
Head Paranormal Investigator, Josh Posted: 06/21/2009
I'm going with a couple friends to the park to gain some evidence. Any good tips? Thank You. (Oh and I'm worried about gang activity any advice on that?
avid murderer..jk Posted: 06/21/2009
i have seen better places then this environment to kill.... although if you drive all the way to the end of the road and you see a gravel road that leads up! go up that and follow the whole thing..once you get to the end, get out and walk north towads the tallest tree, just past that you can find the place where i love to spend my time alone, naked!!!! but really come!!
Posted: 07/01/2009
The following definitions are for those of you who apparently don't what an albino is: Pronunciation [al-bahy-noh Use albino in a Sentence –noun, plural -nos. 1. a person with pale skin, light hair, pinkish eyes, and visual abnormalities resulting from a hereditary inability to produce the pigment melanin. 2. an animal or plant with a marked deficiency in pigmentation. 3. Philately. an embossed stamp accidentally left without ink.
amanda Posted: 07/03/2009
I was in the forest last night and it was fun
redrum Posted: 07/03/2009
I had not been they since 1989 it was at night the last time i was their. I heard stories about the stairs to hell but chalked it off as bull-shit. I also heard that the stairs will built for a couple that were getting married and they were walking down the stairs to get married and the wedding reception was at the bottom of the stairs. They were murdered half way down. They never found the murderer. As far as the hangings go, I remember they had a hanging platform there where the cowboys used to hang outlaws, but it was made out of wood, got rotten, and fell down. There is also stories of indians massacreing some nuns at a old monastary in there. As far as the albinos go I remember seeing some kids in the 1970's suffering from the affliction, but I don't know if they live there. Also, I have heard and seen black masses there. I wouldn't fuck around there at night unless you have a death wish.
Cindy Posted: 07/12/2009
although I agree that Hummel Park is "creepy" and has a bad history, I think it should be noted that it is also the site that the Omaha tribe once camped on or near...I have had so called scary experiences there but also some enlightening ones.
Cindy Posted: 07/12/2009
although I agree that Hummel Park is "creepy" and has a bad history, I think it should be noted that it is also the site that the Omaha tribe once camped on or near...I have had so called scary experiences there but also some enlightening ones.
bored dude Posted: 07/13/2009
so me and my friends were bored as hell last night and i had never been to hummel and wanted to go so we headed up right before the first "witching hour" as my friend called it (12:00a.m.) any way we got up there and ill admit it is a pretty creepy place but of course if ur driving down a long stretch of dark road its a little freaky. so i hated the fact that my friend was driving cuz he kept pussying out of all the sites because he said he's been there b4 like this one spot its off the side of the road where some bridge was he wouldnt get out of the car cuz he said last time he was there he heard screams and i pointed out to him that theres a bunch of gangbangers and druggies out here if i was one of them and a couple teenagers were up there at 12:30 in the morning i'd love to fuck with them so we left there and headed to some place near the indian burial grounds and i guess its said that if ur realy quiet you can hear the cerimonial drums beating so of course no one would get out of the car so i got out and sat on a nearby bench and lit a cigarette. and motioned for my friend to shut off his headlights and got as quiet as i could possibly be for like 15 minutes and sure enough there was a low booming you couldve been a nearby car with subs or somethin but i thought it was kind of im not a strong believer in spiritual phenomenon but im not saying its fake either
RaNdOm Posted: 07/20/2009
I work at the day camp at the park and have yet to witness any "paranormal" activity. The only general creepy things that have been sighted there have been things that have been left by people, which I am going to outline to clear up any miscommunication. -The "altar" at the bottom of the morphing stairs has been destroyed by the city and was never used as an actua altar, but as a picnic shelter up until the gangs overtook it with graffiti. As a kid I spent a lot of time in the park and never saw any "satanic worshippers" in that area of the park. Only burnt cars, alcoholic beverage containers, condoms, and tons of graffiti. -There is a hermit, no doubt. A bunch of us (workers) were hiking along a trail one afternoon in late June when we found a very sturdy hut in the middle of the forest. There had been obvious recent activity, due to the fairly new trash and piss smell around the hut. We climbed up the side to peer in the top, confirming the stability of the shack. Since then, there has been more refuse disposed of, and the roof has since been repaired since our first visit. -If you take the road from the bottom of the stairs directly across Hummel Road, there is a short trail that leads to what is believed to be a satanic ritual spot...either that or some kids wanted their own clubhouse. Regarless, we found a cross filled with ashes, a concrete box with a metal cross attached and several spots that look like they could've been used for hanging up dead animals. There was also several stacks of wood arranged in piles that you could rest your knees on to pray. (An unidentifiable red substance was found in a small enclosure near this area.) The entire area had benches and a picnic table, and a barricade of some sorts had be assembled in a large circle around the edge of the clearing. Not sure what for, perhaps for keeping visitors/police lights out. -At one of the campsites, there was a single bag of chips (that had crumbs in it from the day before..I know this because I personally put it in the trashcan) in a fire pit and it had been covered with logs (that had been removed the day before) which someone had attempted to set on fire (hermit...yes..) Yet, other than that, and a couple break-ins, gun shots and generally shady teenagers, there has been no other real activity at the park.
Posted: 08/10/2009
Amber Harris was not abducted in, near, or around the park. She was abducted in North Omaha. Her body was taken to Hummel Park. Her book bag was found near the location she was abducted from. Please get the facts straight. Hummel Park is no where near the location she was kidnapped from.
AbbyCat Posted: 08/26/2009
I have seen the little girl. I was driving by and I saw a little girl in a tree! It was weird I looked back and she dissapered! i haven't seen her since.
Abagail Posted: 09/30/2009
The summer of 2009, My family visited this park. The park was very eerie, and put me in a depressed mood. We went down the devils stairs, and when we got half way down we started to feel uneasy. We heard growl sounds and felt we needed to leave. As soon as we got up the stairs, we decided to walk near the devils slide and saw trails. We walked the trails and heard more growl noises. I felt a terrible presence there, and I would never want to go there again. Posted: 10/06/2009
if you prove it to me ill beleive you but for now i dnt beleive a thing i read and for the person who thinks they are albino (F U) you guy should chill me and my buddi cooner will be down there til about 1pm eatinng muffins and if i dnt see anything im throwing a holloween party there. dummies Posted: 10/06/2009
if you prove it to me ill beleive you but for now i dnt beleive a thing i read and for the person who thinks they are albino (F U) you guy should chill me and my buddi cooner will be down there til about 1pm eatinng muffins and if i dnt see anything im throwing a holloween party there. dummies
Believer Posted: 10/08/2009
ok so i went there tonight and the gate that leads up to the morphing stairs was closed so i went with my buddy who is a local to a bridge that leads up a few flights of stairs to a place he called hangmans point. We got to the end of the wooden boards and were in the forest and we looked in the woods and saw a white mist kind of like someone crouched down next to a tree so we got scared and turned away we looked back and it was gone so we started back down the stairs when we heard a shuffling behind us so we booked it out of there we also have a picture with a blue orb behind us as we began to walk up the stairs
ghost Posted: 10/12/2009
The spirit someone who is dead, around which idea numerous superstions have evolved. Whether a ghost manifests itself as a visible apparition , as an invisible poltergeist who disturbs the furniture or merely as a presence felt by those particularly sensitive to such entities, most people are terrified as the thought of meeting one and fear the ramifications of such an encounter. Superstitions holds that spirits which may include apparitions of animals, return to earth for a variety of reasons. These include seeking vengeance for their deaths, warning others of danger, and seeking to some unfinished business that must be put right before they can enjoy eternal repose. Disregarding many of the taboos insisted upon by superstion may result in the calling up of the dead and the appearance of ghosts, and even lingering in the vicinity of such ominous locations as crossroads may be enough in itself to summon the attentions of the supernatural. Crossroads are, incidentally, the traditional burial-place of executed criminals and suicides, largely because their vengeful ghosts will be confused by the choice of ways open to them and are thus less likely to find their way home and cause trouble to surviving relatives. Measures that may be taken against encountering ghosts include, according to Scottish tradition, wearing a cross of ROWAN wood fastened with red thread and concealed in the lining of one's coat.
Hallowe;en Posted: 10/12/2009
HALLOWEEN Festival celebrated on 31 October, when GHOSTS roam abroad and witches traditionally hold their sabbaths. Originally a pagan festival of the dead, Halloween marked the end of the Celtic year. It was said that the sun itself entered the gates of Hell on this date, providing an opportunity for evil spirits to slip out and menace the Earth for forty-eight-hence the ominous associations of the modern version of the festival. Attempts to Christianise the festival by making it the eve of All Hallows' Day or All Saints' Day, when Christian saints and martyrs commemorated, have failed to obiterate its essentially pagan character, emphasised by the bow ubiquitous imager of broomstick-riding witches and grotesque masks fashioned from hollowedout pumpkins which are meant to scare away demons.
Haunts Posted: 10/17/2009
This is what I heard about the albinos. Back in the 60's my dad used to go up there to drink with friends. I guess there were a few albino families that lived in a fenced community. Him and his freinds decided to jump the fence and explore. They were in there for about five minutes then the police (which was fast for police) showed up to kick them out. They were only able to see the houses since it is dense with woods. A few years later it was closed down. A couple of the kids attending Tech High School (which is now closed). It appears they were not violent but wanted to be accepted. My family became friends with a few a them. There was also little wooden bridge that when u drive across and open your window u will hear a women scream. She was hit be a car around there during the 40's. Back in the late early 2000 I went there a few times at night. One time I went with a few people to look over the Devil Slide at the top of Hummel Park. When we came back all four of the doors were open even though the car was locked at the security alarm was on. We did not even hear the alarm as we were about a block away. It was snowing that night and there were no footprints. I believe there is something paranormal at the park. It would be cool to see Ghost Adventures or Ghost Hunters do a show on the park.
Tatanka Posted: 10/24/2009
My house is by Hummel and it's haunted. That's weird, maybe the spirits come by my house and say Hi.
droogie Posted: 10/25/2009
Ive never seen anything there but if you go when its warm youll notice that you can hear crickets frog toads whatever ya know noise youll normally hear in the woods outside of the park but once you enter the gate its wierdly quiet check it out for yourself
Alley Posted: 10/27/2009
i'd prefer it if you left out my bestfriend's know the Amber thing its just sad. and i miss her so please for the sake of her friends..
black dog Posted: 10/29/2009
Spectral dog of ancient English tradition which is reputed to appear at places associated with death. Many churchyards and isolated graves claim a black dog in local superstition, and sightings have also been reported at sites where murders have been reported where murders have been committed. Descriptions vary, some dogs apparantly have huge eyes,while others lack heads altogether. Locals speak fearfully of howling of the black dog, and many claim that the devil himself often manifests in such a form.
scratches Posted: 10/31/2009
one day i was up at hummel park taking a hike with my mom,dad sister,and my friend. there was a merder victum there and she had a rock with her name. i could feel a cold presence there my family could feel it too. MY SISTER YELLED OWWW. i LOOKED AT HER LEG AND THERE WAS A BIG SCRATCH.My mom asked her how she got it and she didnt know. she didnt bump into anything. we all think it was from that murder victum but we dont reely know for sure. but as soon as we lefted the park it was gone. Still to this day i dont know how she got it.I saw someone shrit ther i think it was hers.
Jimsy Posted: 11/15/2009
My friend is a paranormal invesitgator. His name is Ted Sheckler. Search on youtube and you will find many of his ghost videos. He is the one who filmed the Ghost in the store rooms at Bambergers in NY, NY. He and his crew checked out the park in mid October. The were on the stairs and counting when one of the albinos showed up. The snapped a pic but when they uploaded into the computer there was no one in the pic. BTW they counted 191 up and 192 down. Well within the accepted error rate of +/- 3. So I dont think that the story is true.
longliver Posted: 01/28/2011
bprusty33 Posted: 10/06/2012
We went to Hummel Park last night for a few hours and the park has been updated. New paint at the fire pit. New playground for the kids. The shelter at Devils Den has been removed. Just a fyi if you are at the park after hours they do have a camara on top of the pole just behind the playground and it has audio as well. As far as the Devil's Stairs/Morphing Stairs the numbers do not change. We counted 187 on the way down and 187 on the way back up. Some of them are extremely difficult to see as there all broken up. Went down the stairs several times. Very creepy in the middle of the night. You definately can hear things and it does feel like all eyes are on you watching you. We were down at Devils Den and we were about to go back up Devil's Stairs when something was thrown at our direction. Very weird. Dont know if somebody was messing with us or what. Got alot of pictures with orbs and a few with mist formations. Saw where David Murillos memorial was going up to the main park. Went to Hangmens point by the main entrance. In my opinion.....these stairs are more creepy to go up at night then Devil's stairs in my opinion. A lot of orbs in this location and there were a couple times where it felt like somebody was grabbing my arm. Crazy. Also, went to the scenic view where the two alters are. Didn't get alot of activity there but did have this truck pull up after we had been in this area for about 5-10 minutes. Pulled up to where a few cars can park and he just staired at us for a few minutes. Then backed up and drove up on like a walking path in the woods and never saw him again.....weird/crazy. Going back next week. Cant wait. Was I get my pictures uploaded on the computer I will share a few. Any questions about this park please ask. :)
poltergeist activity Posted: 10/20/2012
Hi there. I have never been to Hummel Park but am wanting to go. Anyways, Im a firm believer in the paranormal as it happens in the place I live. I have a few questions on different places inside the park and where their located? Im a paranormal investigator and would love to find evidence within the park and post pictures on here If I get some good ones. Anyways, where abouts were all the victims bodies within the park? The prostitute, Mr. Drake, and the most recent one in 2005? Only reason I ask is because these would be "hot spots" for evidence. Also, a couple stated that they could hear indian drums and screams. Where inside the park do you hear these sounds? What part of the park is called the "hollow area"? Do the cops patrol hummel on a regular basis? I want to go late at night and do not want to have to worry about getting a ticket for after hours. Also, is their still alot of gang activity and satanic activity that happen at this park? Any info you can provide would greatly be appreciated. :)
bprusty1977 Posted: 10/22/2012
Well we have been back a couple times since our last visit. We checked out the north/northwest part of the park where the bridge is. It was close to dark so we started taking the trails heading west. Five minutes later we heard screams and then more screams. From the direction the screams were coming from it looked like it was coming from a house outside of hummel park where he had is front porch light on. Thought it was halloween music playing at his house. So we thought we would check it out once we got done with this particular area of the park. So we drove by the house and their was no halloween music being played and the guy was outside in the middle of his driveway cutting wood. So where these screams came from is weird. I have heard the bridge is haunted as their was a very bad car accident there and three people died as the car flipped and landed underneath the bridge. Other than that not too much that night. The coyotes were out in full force that night. :) As we were getting close to leaving we decided to go down to devil's den as one of our friends has not walked the devils stairs. As soon as we were about to ascend up them here comes a car directly behind us. I told Cameron we better walk back to the car just to be safe. Well sure enough we were by our car and the 4 guys in the other car parked directly in front of the stairs and the back drivers side door opened and the dude in the front passenger seat yelled at us "Where the f*ck is our f*ckin weed"? I said that is enough....I dont need to deal with this so our night ended early.
happyzombie Posted: 08/09/2013
I feel like the albinos are going to get me!
maryhiatt Posted: 03/23/2014
Ok in the past 2 weeks I have been to hummel about 6 times because I was on spring break. IT IS NOT SCARY. its because everyone constantly listens to the stories about "how haunted it is". Its a very beautiful place, day and night. Hiking through it super fun. 1. the staircase is IMPOSSIBE to count. all of the stairs a just random, like there are tiny ones that some people might not count as steps so you are OBVIOUSLY not gonna get the same number. They don't change. They are stairs. 2. I've been up and down "devils slide". Im sure there have been suicides there, im not doubting it. its a very steep dangerous hill to try to get up and down. but its a hill just like every other hill. Theres cool things down there like we found half a car crashed. it was super cool. and we found bones but they were all animal bones. because animals live there. and 3. who freaking cares if there are "albinos" in living near the park. I don't know and im not concerned. most of the people love where they live because its in nature and its quiet and peaceful. they are there to have a secret place to kill people. tf? that's just ignorant. ive been to the park many times at 1 am and 2am. its the same thing. I don't hear screams or whispers or see ghosts. I do believe in that stuff and I don't doubt there are spirits in the park since people have died there. but 99% of the stories are stupid and made up. Just enjoy Hummel Park.

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