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The Haunting of Hotel Colorado
Glenwood Springs, Colorado

Posted by Hauntings Admin on 07/04/2009



Hotel Colorado | Glenwood Springs, Colorado Hotel Colorado | Glenwood Springs, Colorado Hotel Colorado | Glenwood Springs, Colorado

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About Hotel Colorado


The History:

The Hotel Colorado was built in 1893 by Walter Devereux. A number of famous individuals are said to have frequented the hotel.

The Haunting:

Doors are said to open and close by themselves. People have claimed to smell cigar smoke when no one is smoking in the lobby.

Apparitions have been observed on the staircase and in the Devereux Room.



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Hotel Colorado


olivia Posted: 09/28/2008
wow i stayed there while i was on vacation and i did smell cigar smoke but i thought that someone might have been spoking. It is weird to think that it was hunted and i didint even no that!!! i was a fairly nice hotel

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