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The Haunting of Hilltop Towers Apartment
Marion, Indiana

Posted by Hauntings Admin on 09/04/2013



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About Hilltop Towers Apartment

I live in Hilltop Towers Apartment building on Nelson. This building is haunted and some of the reports are door knocks at all hours and nothing shows up on the security cameras. People also say they hear bangings from inside their apartments and some hallways are creepy. On some floors people hear footsteps behind them.
My dog has also indicated in one apartment a spiritual entity. We were visiting a neighbor on the floor just above us. My dog loves the elderly lady there and he felt comfortable enough to fall asleep under her chair as we talked. He is a very small dog but has a big bark. While he was asleep, he suddenly woke up and barked toward her little hallway. We thought at first it was just someone outside her door, but then his eyes followed something into her bedroom. He then got up and walked into her bedroom, growling at something at her bed.
He has never acted like this in my apartment, even though we hear the sounds of my cabinets banging shut.
He usually barks quite a bit in my apartment but we live at the end of a hallway that has much traffic. So I pass that off that he is hearing people walk in the hallway.

He has never had the reaction before like he did in the neighbor's apartment. Too many people have reported door knocks to pass it off as a human doing it. The security cameras never catch it.


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