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The Haunting of Haunted Railroad Bridge
Hartford, Vermont

Posted by Hauntings Admin on 02/07/2011



Haunted Railroad Bridge | Hartford, Vermont
Haunted Railroad Bridge-This shows the bridge the way it looked after being rebuilt.
Haunted Railroad Bridge | Hartford, Vermont Haunted Railroad Bridge | Hartford, Vermont

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About Haunted Railroad Bridge

Hartford, Vermont

Hartford is in Windsor County, Vermont.

Haunted Railroad Bridge:

In 1887, the Montreal Express jumped the railroad tracks and crashed over the bridge into the White River. The railroad bridge and the cars burned killing over 30 people. After the bridge burned, it was replaced with a steel structure on the original concrete footings. A location with a similarly tragic story is in Kellyville, Oklahoma at Cry Baby Bridge. Here a train wreck took the lives of a number of people who died horrific and painful deaths in a train collision.

There are several stories regarding Joe McCabe, a young thirteen year old boy, and his father. In one story, Joe McCabe was killed. In another story, Joe McCabe watched his father get killed.

The Haunted Railroad Bridge spans the White River along Route 14 in west Hartford.

Ghosts and Spirits at the Haunted Railroad Bridge:

People report seeing the apparition of Joe McCabe, wearing 19th century clothes playing in the White River. Often, he is seen floating about four feet above the river. People often see the ghost of Joe McCabe and don't even realize that it is an apparition.

Visitors to the Haunted Railroad Bridge in Hartford, Vermont also report the smell of fire when nothing nearby is burning.


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