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The Haunting of Haunted Hill
Albuquerque, New Mexico

Posted by Hauntings Admin on 02/06/2011



Haunted Hill | Albuquerque, New Mexico

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About Haunted Hill

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Haunted Hill:

Trinity Paranormal Investigators did an investigation at this location and concluded that it is not haunted, however, many locals still believe strongly that it is.

Near Haunted Hill, a variety of people claim that there is a chain of caves up in the hills. However, other people claim that there are no caves. Even others say that, yes, there are caves but they are at the very top of the hill and very hard to reach. In most reports, people take a seat on a bench leading toward Haunted Hill.

There are coyotes in this area, which could account for some of the “screaming” sounds that are regularly reported at this location, as well as some of the sounds of footsteps nearby. Apparently, there are also some lights that lead up a trail and some people may see these lights and think that they're paranormal when they're actually there marking a path. On the other hand, some people say that these trail markers are not bright enough to be mistaken for a lantern, thus proving that the lantern that people have reported is paranormal.

A number of local adults report seeing a lantern on Haunted Hill from afar. The lantern, they say will appear low on the trail and then disappear and suddenly reappear much higher on the trail.

Haunted Hill is located off of Menaul. On your visit to Haunted Hill in Albuquerque, watch out for the cacti.

The Ghosts and Paranormal at Haunted Hill in Albuquerque, New Mexico:

Visitors to Haunted Hill in Albuquerque, New Mexico report hearing all sorts of otherworldly sounds including screaming, whispering, footsteps in the gravel when no one is there, and large objects like bodies being drug through the dirt. People have reported seeing strange lights, like that of a lantern that is being carried in the dark. Some have even reported seeing the apparition of an old man on Haunted Hill and in the parking lot. Several visitors said they heard the sound of someone whistling even though no one was nearby to whistle.

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inflameswetrust Posted: 03/04/2014
Our group of friends went up to haunted hill to find evidence of the killer, his lantern, or the prostitutes. We didn't find anything relating to that. What did happen was actually very scary and still leaves me frightened. Six of us all expirienced rocks moving and being thrown around us. Trees and bushes shook and moved, all certainly not from animals. Two people in the group were arguably possessed. One person, the beta of the group, was tormented, pushed, and touched. It's my honest belief he was possessed even for just a short time. He was the most frightened and most of us wrote his fear of as simple paranoia, but skepticism only lasted so long, especially when your worry for a friends safety becomes more paramount than information collecting. When we decided to turn around and head back he was mumbling to himself, cackling, and when asked to recite a simple prayer involving Jesus's name, he couldn't or wouldn't say it. He even said "Jesus isn't real". This is a guy who has religious tattoos and has explicitly said he believes in Christianity on multiple occasions long before this endeavor. I personally went out there with skepticism and tried to remain so, but I'm shaken by the ordeal. It left me emotionally and physically drained. In my honest opinion after going over what happened and consulting some expert outside sources I can say we encountered a skinwalker. I'm hesitant to say so out of skepticism, but I feel like I should warn people of this location, and it's possible energies.

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