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The Haunting of Harby Junior High
Alvin, Texas

Posted by Hauntings Admin on 01/20/2011



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About Harby Junior High


coco puffs Posted: 06/11/2011
it was made over a Indian graveyard you can see kids playing basket ball in the front kids in school and a 6 Th grader went into a room that wasn't there and got locked in and called the office and is still there
harby jh studant Posted: 04/25/2013
no i go to harby the reason is that thr hurican washed up bodys and my socal studys teacher is the one who ansowrd the call from room 260 wich there is only 230 or so rooms and when i was in the locker room alone i heard a showere head tern on and i wasw the only one there and i sead do somthing out loud and i triped on nuthing and there was balls that bounce randomly in the gym and if you wake down this one hall slowly and look in a dark room you will see a black ghost and a white ghost and radios will change and a black and white ballon floats around the school and never falls or go up

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