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The Haunting of Grady Hill
Zwolle, Louisiana

Posted by Hauntings Admin on 03/12/2011



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About Grady Hill

Zwolle, Louisiana

Zwolle is located in the Sabine Parish in Louisiana near the Sabine National Forest. It is a small community of about 1,800 residents. Zwolle is located in northwestern Louisiana straight south of Shreveport.

Grady Hill Haunting:

Grady Hill is haunted by a woman who searches eternally for her baby. Locals claim that the woman's lover stole her baby and killed it in the vicinity of Grady Hill. Today, people report seeing the apparition of this woman and her disembodied cries at Grady Hill in Zwolle, Louisiana.

The Grady Hill haunting technically falls into the category of a “weeping woman” haunting. Latin Americans call her “La Llorona”. This is a woman who is betrayed by a lover and then murders her children by drowning them. She is then cursed to walk the shores where her baby died, searching for them forever.

The Weeping Woman tale bears some similarities to White Lady tales in which the woman is searching for her child or a lost lover who died or got lost through some tragic event. It is also very similar to Cry Baby Bridge lore in which a woman gets pregnant out of wedlock and either kills her baby or someone else kills her baby to hide the evidence by throwing the baby over a bridge. In all of these tales, the mother is seen as an apparition searching for her children.


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Cbruce Posted: 03/08/2014
"The Story of the Crying Woman" by Mary Lucille "Betty" Rivers There is a story of the “Crying Woman” who some insist they have seen and heard. Explanations of the story vary from individual to individual. One said she was an Indian girl whose baby had died and the young woman was still mourning the loss of her baby. Another version of this story says that someone stole the Indian girl’s baby and she is looking for it and lamenting aloud. Some say it is the sobbing of a woman who was murdered nearby. Others say it is a woman wailing over her husband who is murdered. Darlene Walraven is convinced that she saw the crying woman one night when she was going home from work. The mysterious female appeared to be a white shape fluttering in the middle of the road. Vicky Meshell says that when she was a child she heard the Crying Woman and that she was moaning in Spanish. This Crying Woman has reportedly been heard along the area between Zwolle and Many known as Loren Lake. Like any good “ghost story”, this crying woman can only be seen and heard by certain receptive individuals, about midnight, and under a full moon. She is said to have long flowing black hair blowing in the wind, is speechless except for the wailing and usually appears near the Old Catholic Cemetery southwest of Zwolle on Grady Hill. Posted by Cody Bruce,

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