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The Haunting of Gold Camp Road
Colorado Springs, Colorado

Posted by Hauntings Admin on 07/04/2009



Gold Camp Road | Colorado Springs, Colorado Gold Camp Road | Colorado Springs, Colorado

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About Gold Camp Road

Gold Camp Road


Take exit 138 off I-25 in Colorado Springs. Follow the signs that lead to Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, but instead of turning at the zoo, go straight and take Old Stage Road. Old Stage Road turns into a dirt road and intersects with Gold Camp Road.


There are tunnels along Gold Camp Road that are apparently rumored to be haunted. The first and second tunnel along the road are popular ghost hunting locations. The third tunnel was closed in 1987 because of fear of collapse. The supports inside this tunnel are no longer capable of supporting the walls and ceiling. There are other tunnels apparently along Gold Camp Road as well.

People have claimed that there are blood stains on the walls of the tunnels due to a bus accident carrying a bunch of children, however, a lot of the rock in Colorado Springs is reddish colored. And also some sources have noted that exposure of the rock inside the tunnels to the elements produces a blood red color (which is rust).
One source claimed that a man committed suicide just beyond the second tunnel entrance, however we have not verified whether this information is historically accurate.

Gold Camp Road was once a railroad that transported gold from Colorado Springs to Cripple Creek.

Paranormal Activities Reported:

There have been quite a lot of reports made for Gold Camp Road. Some of the paranormal activities claimed to occur at Gold Camp Road are associated with a story that has been applied to a variety of other location throughout the country. These paranormal activities are said to occur because a busload of children supposedly crashed in the tunnels. The Glowing Cemetery in Columbus, Nebraska is an excellent example of a haunt with an almost identical story attached to it. Indeed, paranormal activities that are said to occur in relation to the busload of perished children are nearly identical at these two locations as well, including handprints in baby powder on vehicles driven near the location and sounds of children's voices, and automobile problems (car won't start, brakes on the car stopped working, headlights burnt out, etc.).

Other reported activities at this location include the apparition of a woman, a little girl, bright lights, disembodied voices, and EVP's.

Summary of Paranormal Activities and Notable Features:

-Unexplained light phenomena
-Disembodied voices

Associated Folklore:

A busload of children crashes and all the children perish at a location. If you drive to that location and put baby powder all over your vehicle and drive over or through the location, there will be handprints of children all over the car.

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Ghost hunting at Gold Camp Road tunnels

Gold Camp Road - Victor to Colorado Springs Timelapse Drive

11009 Gold Camp Road Victor CO 80860


pepsi** Posted: 05/25/2010
ive heard some crazy crap about that place lol....
pepsi** Posted: 05/25/2010
i heard that along time ago a school bus filled with kids was driving threw tunnel 3 and the tunnel collapsed killing everyone in the bus. and now if u were to drive threw the tunnel you could see hand prints on the windows.
pepsi** Posted: 06/27/2010
madfrog Posted: 08/05/2010
Great place. im with aurora paranormal investigators. here are some pictures of gold camp and our investigaton
superGhost Posted: 08/08/2010
Great photo madfrog! Thanks for the post!
ET76 Posted: 03/07/2011
After substantial investigating on the Saturday night 3/5/2011 between the hours of 10-12pm my team has come to the conclusion that the Gold Camp Rd has been debunked. We used EMF's, digital recorders and cameras. No readings or hits from the first 2 tunnels (Open to public). After a short 20 min hike we found Tunnel 3 (Closed to public due to safety concerns), no hits or readings as well. Although tunnel 3 is closed we made many vocal attempts (@ the entrance of tunnel 3) to communicate with the paranormal only to find no success. The only activates around these areas were due to teenage frolicking and underage drinking.
van helseng Posted: 03/13/2011
i walked down to the old collapsed tunnel back in august of 2005, i got some strange images and very weird feelings later on i realized this is directly above helen hunt falls, maybe that would explain reports of strange sounds and lights in the area , also, in the upper gold camp road you can drive down, we have gotten dusty handprints on the car trunk lid
heystarshine Posted: 05/24/2011
While the busload of school children story is most likely just an urban myth, Cold Camp Road is a popular site for some rather shady activity. It's an extremely popular body dumping ground. Alan Yerkey dumped a 12 year old girl's body off of Gold Camp ( and more recently, Robert Marko murdered and dumped his victim off Old Stage Road ( which is spitting distance from Gold Camp. In a forensic investigation class I took last year, those were only a handful of cases that unfortunately ended at this location that we studied. While we can chock up most reports of Gold Camp up to teenage shenanigans, there might be a nugget of truth there.
colorichy Posted: 08/22/2012
I've lived here in Colorado Springs for over 40 years and I can tell you that a school bus never crashed up there on gold camp road certainly not in the 3 rd tunnel , as teenager we used to party up there by that tunnel it was still opened back then .whemn we were teens the story went that a conductor on the old railroad was killed when he hung his head out too far while the train was going through the tunnel.Alot of people have driven off the side of the mountains up there and some have died, and like the other poster said a few murders have happened up there so if it's haunted that's would be why, not a imaginary school bus accident that never happened.
otowi Posted: 06/07/2013
I've hiked all around that area many times. I've never experienced or felt anything on Gold Camp Road, but Old Stage Road and Cheyenne Mountain is another story. In particular, the West (back) side of Cheyenne Mountain is very eerie - hike the McNiel/Swisher trails and see for yourself. You will notice it to a lesser extent as well on the east side if you go to Cheyenne Mountain State Park and take the Talon trails and then go to the overlook of the mountain. Utes and Cheyennes regularly used the area and were noted in old histories to have frequent battles in the area. A good read in that regard is Irving Howbert's Memories of a Lifetime in the Pikes Peak Region written in the 1920's.

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